Any good apps to recommend?

Hi everyone

Aside from this great app, are there any other recommendations that people use to aid them whilst I’ve got a decent chunk of spare memory lol, below are the ones I’m currently using:

Daylio - Helps monitor your mood’s and can keep a track on what makes you happy & sad etc, keeps you into a sort of a routine, pretty helpful.

Insight Timer - For all different aspects of your meditation needs in general and relaxation, again very useful and keeps you into a daily achievement with your mind & health.

Intro to Yoga - Free app with different stages/set timed exercises for beginner’s into yoga from restorative, hatha and vinyasa. Again great for routine as well as your mind, health and relaxation.



i just use meetings wish you well


Cheers Ray, I might start the meetings when get a chance, I’m currently on the waiting waiting list to start CBT as well, wish you well also

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Happy Not Perfect is a good meditation app – and free! :person_in_lotus_position:

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Excellent and thanks will have a look, amazing how rewarding meditation is hey :pray::v:

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Have you tried Youper? It is AI driven and has a lot of features. I am using the free plan but I intend to go premium very soon.


The Calm app has great, 10 minute daily meditations as well as some other longer ones. Even has a calendar to keep track of your practice and audio is downloadable to take on the road.

It’s got a yearly subscription (free to try), but I think it’s worth it. Really helped get back on track with daily practice the last month. I’d been good about reading daily meditations, but this makes taking the time to really sit and listen a welcome part of the day.


I use only a very small handful of apps on my phone and Youper is one of them. Guided breathing, meditation, mindfulness exercises, journalling, etc. but the AI assistant feature is what makes it work for me. Usually I can’t stand AI assistants!

You can just pull it up whenever you’re having an emotion and work through your situation conversationally in a very targeted way. The way I use it in that situation, it ends up being a compound exercise of journalling, reflection, mindfulness, and meditation that I’d generally struggle to put together on my own in a moment where I’m not feeling my best. Using it daily has been really good as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve been regular with it.

Basically the only mental wellness or self help app I’ve used more than a couple times.


Cheers bud, will give it a whirl, thanks :blush:

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That sounds pretty decent and a year free, have to check that out also, thanks

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Aa speakers free is a good app for a collection of recovering drunks telling their stories. Works well to get my mind right


I’m 2 months or so into CBT with my therapist. It is excellent. Good luck with it!

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:laughing: Cheers mate

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That’s great and really looking forward to it, heard so many positive stories about how its helped people a lot for the better

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