Any helpful Summer hacks?

Hi, everybody, I’ve been sober since 12-30-21 and so far, after the first few weeks, it’s been fairly simple. I’m thinking ahead to the Summer and baseball season. I used to spend most every evening having beers and watching games and, to be honest, I’m gonna miss that. I’m still excited about baseball, but does anyone have any ideas as to what I may be able to have instead of beer?


Hello there and welcome! I find that a good substitute for me at places where people normally drink (hockey games, sports, even restaurants) is just water. I found out that I am ALWAYS dehydrated. If sporting events in particular are triggering, be aware that you may need to stay away for awhile.

If water doesn’t quite tickle my fancy I’ll do a soda or sparkling water - my go to is root beer. At family/social parties and things I usually make my way over to wherever the watermelon is - I could eat an entire watermelon all by myself… One of the weird craving I get now that I’m clean.

You’ll figure out what works for you! Stick to it.


Summer is still far off, by then, you will be further along in sobriety. Hopefully, you will have less and less desire, and by the time summer rolls around, alcohol at sporting events will be an after thought. I find it does get easier, and i personally would stay away from any na beer at those events also. Water, and you will feel great and be just fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome! We are very close in our journey. My sober date is Dec 20th, 2021.
I too started freaking out a bit today about my
non drinking future. And the summer!

Then I realized that I had today. And now. That it was still cold outside.
I went for a walk and took a shower. I did my job. I drank coffee and had snacks and listened to secret pop music playlist. Then realised that I was feeling pretty good.
We get through one day at a time and one hour at a time however we can. Let’s focus on that instead!
And oh yeah! Maybe more ice cream! I never used to let myself have it. Now that can be a special treat. I also love sparkiling water. I can gulp it down and not feel guilty.

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P.S. some people also really like non alcoholic beers. There are even non alcoholic up as and dark beers now. Lagunitas makes a hop water that is pretty good.

Well, if there is a Major League season, I’ll be doing what I usually do, listening to the game on the MLB app. I find TV coverage boring compared to radio broadcasts.

When I got sober, I stopped watching NFL football on Sundays. I found it was an excuse to drink and I wasn’t truly interested in the teams.

Jumping on this old thead but its on similiar topic.
The suns out. Iv exercised ate well been super productive and im watching the kids play in the pool. And im finding myself missing that drink in hand after a great day.
Its hard when the suns out and everyones drinking and having a bbq dinner and somehow i dont feel quite apart.

Does anyone have a recipe to make a good mocktail for when summer hits? I want something fruity and to feel special when the occasion hit.


I think you can find quite a few threads on this topic if you don’t find anything in the link above. Keep on ODAAT


Thankyou. Stupidly i didnt think of that and looked up summer threads :roll_eyes:

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The best summer mocktail I ever had was ginger beer (not a real beer) + fresh lime juice + club soda. Delicious!!!

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My go to is freezing cold water

I use as many ice cubes nessasary and drink cups of cold water until I feel better