Any Ketamine addicts there?

I am a ketamine addict and have been since i was about 15, i am now 27. my liver is just about ready for failing on me and i know this but still struggle to controll the demond. i battled with stopping for years and somehow it tricks me into using. I am on day 2.5 clean and usally fail around day 3 or 4. This time im determend or I will end up with a piss bag, no liver, no girlfeind and so on…! Any one else out there been stuck on this evil substance.???

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Yes ketamine is on of my doc, and the one where I get the most cravings. I don’t stop when I do, I nearly k holed ar work, this substance makes me lose control instantly. I don’t know why exactly this substance makes me so weak but I know as I want to stop it is priority number one to get and clean every day! And with every relapse I should learn something to prevent it next time. Do you do therapy, aa or drug counseling?

No not an addict but abused a lot in the past.

I once went to an all night rave and abused alcohol and various drugs (esctacy, MDMA and cocaine)

At the after party had a large key of Ket and was stuck in a hole for ages- who I was with was close to calling an ambulance as I was non responsive

The insanity of wanting to take a horse tranquilliser recreationally is madness??


No, i feel like the only person that can help me is me. The worst thing is that it doesnt even do anything to me as i have such a high tolorance that to feel anythinh atall i have to take enough to knock out 10 horses.

Maybe to escape reality, this was your first time and probably the strongest, i search for tge k hole but can no longer reach there due to such a high tolorance. I am now stuck destroying my liver with no controll and to somthing that doesnt even let me escape reality anymore. I also used this to relive me of bad anxaity.

I personally don’t use it but I met a young man about your age in rehab and that was his DOC. He had a rough time coming off but has done well and is now in sober living. Please don’t do it your life is important and your very young and have your whole life ahead of you. Good luck.

I understand you I also craved the k hole but I never really wanted to deal with the consequences. Yet I have to and maybe ask yourself what would you rather choose? A sickness, or a sober, healthy and free life with so many things better than any high or k hole

Thanks, do you know if there was anything that helped him get off it??

He detoxed at The Bluff Plantation in Augusta,Georgia. We were there together. It didn’t hurt that they gave pretty much everyone phenobarbitol to manage the withdrawal symptoms.

I have used k several times, have k-holed a few too…not my DOC but have have gone on benders. I also have liver cirrrhosis caused not by ketamine (probably didn’t help) but alcohol so I can kind of relate with you on the liver thing as well. Realize it will kill you. Five maybe six doctors needed to scare the shit out of me saying if I kept drinking i would die. That at the age of 29 I would not be able to receive a liver transplant because I was using and would just die. Let that put it into perspective for you because, the same goes for you. You have time to save yourself-you have the resources and you have us for support. It’s not worth losing your life over. Take it from me-7+ months sober. My liver will never be OK, the damage is done. But I am no longer puking up blood daily being told by my doctors I don’t have a second chance.


I have built a company up for the past 7years and its litrally booming and about to become a world known brand. If i leave to go the company will not run with out me. I would love to go but i am trying to figure out how to overcome this with out. About 2 years ago i did 3 months in asia, i was clean and happy, as soon as we landed back home tge deugs got the better of me and then im trapped again. It doesnt help there is so much drugs on my doorstep, if i could i woukd move away, but i cant do that for atleast 2 years, it will be to late by then if i dont get of it.

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Hey, if you’re really worried about your liver then that is serious. Have you spoken to a doctor?

Think about it like this… You will likely have to take more time away from your company if you get ill than going to rehab. And even if your company doesn’t survive a short break, it’s probably better that you focus on your health while you have a chance of turning things around. Success and money can happen any time. And really, how important are they (over and above having enough to get by)? You only get one liver.

What have you tried to quit so far? Sounds like you have a lot going for you, hope you get to enjoy it.