Any moms who are trying to stay sober?

I feel if I were not a mom, I would be in a pit full of addiction. So, I am thankful and grateful to be a mom to two wonderful children:)

Just looking for someone to relate!


I don’t have children I do feel That if I had had some years ago then I may have chosen a different path, there is of course no guarantee of that but I think that it may have stopped me sinking further or happened at the right time, before I started taking the more serious substances. They are certainly a good motivator to live a better life. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Well I’m a single father to two beautiful girls, and 2 and 4 year old. While they did help me, I still held alot of my addiction. But now that I am sober I can’t help but be so grateful. And hate all the times I did miss with them during my bad times. But that it’s the past now, and they are still young so I have time to make it rite:)


I have 3 kids and am currently pregnant :slight_smile:
I have racked up quite a bit of sober time in the last 8 years but, naturally have slipped from time to time.
These children have saved me, absolutely. I was a really wild woman before i transitioned from maiden to mother.
I cant imagine how my reality would have shifted without them.


I am a mom to an adult daughter and a grandmother to the sweetest little almost 6 year old grandson. I am grateful every day that my grandson will never know me as his drunk grandmother. Sadly, I cannot say the same for my adult daughter. Glad you are here!!

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I absolutely am in the same boat. I have one of my own and would def be way worse off if it wasnt for him. He is the reason I am on this journey now.


Angie whilst your son is a great motivator I hope that your are primarily doing this for yourself as otherwise it is unlikely to stick,I know that they sounds bad but it is true. People such as children and spouses often think why are they not enough for us to stay sober or clean for but it just doesn’t work like that. This is what places like AL ANON were set up. I wish you well on your journey! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes ma’am! As we all know alcoholism can be hereditary. It runs deep in my family. I used to drink to have fun ect. My kids are my everything! But you start to forget about self care? And I started self medicating. Your so busy taking care of everyone and you become overwhelmed. And I became an alcoholic and just about ruined that bond you have with my kids. I did a lot of Stupid selfish things. And I’ve been sober many times and relapsed. But I can tell being sober and with my kids is better than an high I got from alcohol. Just remember you have to take it a day at time. Much love to you!! Your brave to bring up this topic!! :heart: