Any sleeping tips for first sober week?

I’m so tired. Normally the wine knocks me out but I’m only on day 3 and have hardly slept the last two. I read, exercise regularly, but I’m so useless at work today. I actually have booked myself a massage this afternoon (which is a very rare treat). I feel like a zombie.


My irrational fear of insomnia was a big part of my continued drinking. And I did have trouble sleeping very early in recovery. But it sorted itself out within a week or so. Your idea of a massage is a good one, maybe you’ll have a little nap then!

Good question! It’s all about retraining your brain to recognize it’s time to sleep and wind down by itself, rather than relying on booze to do it. Might take a bit of time, but my top tips are:

  • Nice relaxing warm bath or shower before bed
  • fresh bed linen
  • try not having your phone with you, but if you do, turn the blue light off and try listening to a sleep story. I love the Calm app, but there are lots of free options out there.
  • set a firm go-to-bed time and get up time and try to stick to it, even on the weekends. Our brains like routine and it helps our mood.
  • I’ve also got some pillow sleep spray for when I put fresh bedding on. Many a time I’ve led there wondering if it actually works, then woken up hours later thinking, I guess it must do! :joy:

I hate not being able to sleep, so I hope one or two of these things help!
Good luck

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I find melatonin and magnesium help me a lot when I can’t sleep. Warm showers before bed. I also listen to white noise/rain or similar soundscapes on my calm app during the night. Helps me get to sleep, and get back to sleep if I stir.
Eventually you will start sleeping, and sleeping so much more solidly. It’s crazy. I remember in the first few weeks once I actually started falling asleep without wine my body just didn’t know what to do with the rest. It’s amazing how great sleep is when your not sick from alcohol or knocked out. It’s actually a restful feeling :partying_face:


Thank you :blush:

There have been some great suggestions posted here. For me, the first 5-7 days were always a struggle and nothing seemed to work. What helped me get through it (because it absolutely gets better) is to put my ear buds in with a soundscape (ocean waves or the sound of a rain storm) or meditative music, and just focus on my breathing and relaxing my body. Even if I couldn’t fall asleep, it helped me to feel rested and less stressed by the insomnia if I laid down like this letting my body relax for at least a few hours or more. I have always struggled with insomnia and still do now that I’m sober, and I still practice this when I have an overactive mind and can’t shut off. It usually helps me get at least a couple few hours of light sleep.

Hang in there - it will improve when you get over the initial hump. Good for you for taking these steps for a healthier you!


I swear by the free app Insight Timer. Theres thousands of free meditations for every occasion. I fall asleep to the sleep guided meditations almost every night!


Ohhh, I’ll give that a try. Thank you. X

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That happened to me. I was used to passing out on vodka; my body didn’t know how to sleep sober. I’m prescribed Seroquel which is no longer necessary. Melatonin is a great non-prescription option. Any app that plays rainfall (like Ambiance or Nature Sounds) is good, as is Insight Timer.

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I relapsed several times because of this so be diligent. It took about 7-10 days to be able to sleep. Now after a year I sleep better than I have the last 25 years. Good sleep is my new drink of choice. Hang in there, it’s so worth it when you come out the other side.