Any sucess with librum?

Had to reset my sober time. Unfortunately…just got my prescription. Took one less than an hour to combat DT’s


I was detoxed off benzos and alcohol with librium and I wouldn’t be here without it. I’m well over 3 and a half years sober. It’s not a magic pill, you will still feel the suck, but it WILL keep you safe. When things start getting hard just remember to follow the prescription and don’t take extra. If my detox hadn’t been as brutal as it was I might not still be sober.

Prepare yourself for the hardships and you will be one step ahead. And never, ever forget, it’s all temporary. One day soon you will wake up and start feeling sooooo much better. Get through this hour, this minute, then do it again.

Wishing you strength.


Hang in there. Librium helped me sleep…but I still went though the sweats and depression. But being able to sleep helped. Stay hydrated.