Any tips on Christmas pressure to drink?

I am now filled with the christmas spirit and along with that I feel a gradually increasing urge to drink just to enjoy my time during the holidays. Not to help trauma, or deal with my issues. But to have a better time. Any tips on fighting these urges?.. they feel stronger and more influencial than usual and am reaching out because I feel like I might give in to a drink even with the knoweledge I know now. Im in the middle of my first sover holiday season and I am 5 months sober on the 15th


I was less than 60 days sober at my first Christmas. I found a lot of relief in the rooms of AA. Just being around other people who knew what I felt was hugely helpful. I went to a meeting on Christmas Day with only 4 other people.


I went through my first sober Christmas three weeks after my last drink. Still in white knuckle territory. For me, it wasn’t so much a craving for alcohol, rather I was still learning to deal with that restlessness that always hit right around the time I used to have my first drink each day. It was the unsatisfied anticipation, rather than a desire for the buzz I had to address.

I lived on this forum. People reaching out for support, and people freely giving it in answer, reminding me of the true spirit of Christmas. Also, giving my wife a holiday free from the pain of watching her husband slowly destroy himself was the best gift I could give her…that helped too.

I’d suggest focusing on why you chose sobriety, how much your life has changed since choosing, and remember that sobriety is a gift only you can give to yourself, and only you can throw it away.


Did anything good ever come out of drinking over the Holidays for you?


I was only 3 months sober for my first christmas and didn’t trust myself at all. I ended up avoiding all gatherings including family. AA meetings and this forum had my complete attention (besides work) to get through it. I guess it comes down to how bad one wants sobriety. Missing out that one year has not negatively impacted my life and now I’m able to enjoy all holidays and celebrations without a concern.


IDK if this will help, but that first holiday season, I went wherever I was going out, with a full belly already. And honestly I was not above carrying my own bottle or glass of look alike whatever. Hell, I would’ve fake staggered if it would’ve kept drink pushers away. Your body will thank you. The people who love you will thank you. Including you, which is the best part. You will awaken and be able to serve your life :pray::heart::v:


Respectfully decline anything you feel will be too triggering and avoid bars and pubs since you know you are feeling shaky. If you are in a situation with alcohol take a pause, take a deep breath and play the tape all the way through.
Picture that first drink all the way to the hangover you will end up with. I can usually mentally catch myself when I realize I’m mentally drinking my 8th or so. It’s never just one.


Ask yourself is it really worth undoing all the hard work and effort you have put in to tackle your demons just because everyone else is having a drink? We need to do what is best for us and be strong.


Gosh, there was already so much advice given but congratulations! I this is my first Christmas too. I will have six months on the 15th. Think of all the things you have done sober already. In the beginning I didn’t think it was possible to cut the lawn without drinking, that was not a typo, cutting the lawn. Once I did it I realize drink was bringing me down and make things less enjoyable and like everybody else or the next day. But the biggest thing for me with everything is we will be so much more in there for people in conversations when we are sober and after all isn’t that with the holidays and getting together are for? When I was drinking at any gathering I was engaged in conversation but part of my brain was thinking about how far to the bottom of my glass I am for a refill. I find that when I’m sober I’m a better listener and stay with the conversation as opposed to excusing myself for a refill I hope that helps happy holidays!

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