Anybody doing school and detox?


I’m going to school for my masters and finding it almost impossible to stick to any deadlines or concentrate. 3 of my 4 kids are screaming in the background, chores, work and this detox “fog” has got me feeling anxious, easily annoyed and ready for a drink. I’m not gonna do it but damn its rough lately​:no_mouth::no_mouth: sometimes wish I could run away for a bit.


No, but I can totally relate to wanting to run away. I’m reading an old book now called Earth Abides. It’s one of those “most of the people in the world die” kind of books and the protagonist ends up exploring a mostly empty country with a beagle for company. I keep thinking that sounds like the perfect vacation! Can I just go there for a couple of months or so???


Take me with you :grin::grin: it sounds awesome


I couldn’t go to rehab or detox - there was no one to take care of my children. I detoxed at home while being a full time parent of then 2 and 4 year olds. No rest for the shaky, nauseous, chilled and irritable…

You will be okay. It’s tough, but you will make it because…well…you have to. You’ve worked too hard for your education, your family, and your sobriety to give in to the detox demons. If you don’t already take a good multivitamin, get one. Hydrate well and try to remember HALT: don’t get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Any of those can make a drink seem far more appealing.

It gets better. Keep pushing through.:heart:


It gets better!! I did something similar with 2 kids, and a newborn having to finish my M.Ed. The irritable feelings will go away and the fog will lift!


Hey there,
I’m currently detoxing at home while studying and working. I’ve done this several times, so here’s how I handle it:
Don’t put pressure on yourself, the stress will make it harder to stay sober.
If you fall behind, do things at your own pace. One assignment at a time. Don’t think of everything you need to do at once to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Health comes first, and you can always catch up later. You have a better chance of catching up if you take a week or so off for recovery and get it over with than if you give in, have a drink, and have to start the whole process over.
Set small goals and add onto them if you feel up to it. One assignment each day. You might feel better about being productive and want to do more.
Feel better soon!


took me many years to discover these. Mack’s Silicone Earplugs, 3.99 Walmart has them.
The silicone earplug is the quietest, best ever. Big club DJ’s use them. My husband snores like a freight train, he takes his CPAP machine off in the night, these and an eye mask, instant vacation. If the noise is real loud or close by I will hear it but I slept through a police/chopper chase on my block last week. These could be good for resting or studying, xoxoxo.


Thank you this its great advice. I’m taking everything a day at a time today my head feels alittle cleared so I’m trying to take advantage of that.


Yep, I don’t have children but I have my own responsibilities as well as going uni. It doesn’t help that my friend always says “let’s get a glass of wine” every time we do well on an assignment or finish a placement etc.


Thank you I will definately get these. The constant noise in my house makes my anxiety worse


Once I have one drink I just don’t care about any school work so that’s another reason to stay sober


Yes definitely me too! If I go for that one drink or wine (which it will be for my friend) I will probably make plans with my brother to later get drunk then that will obviously impact on the next working day.
I’ve quit but I don’t know what to tell my friend next time she suggests going for a drink


Well I have used the dieting excuse. I actually am trying to lose a few pounds so it works pretty well for me. But I feel your dilemma it’s hard when you have friends that are used to drinking with you.


I can relate to mine was work not school. I hated the process of detoxing and I never want to do it again


what is this “one drink” you speak of???
heh, heh


Yes I want to lose a bit of weight too! Then it’ll be “a white wine and soda will be okay” :neutral_face: stopppp itttt!!!
I just want people to leave me alone lol xxx


How are you doing today?

Have you been able to do some schoolwork?
Don’t use any excuse to drink: no rewards for accomplishments, no comforts for failures, etc. just take it easy, pace yourself, and you’ll catch up when you’re better. Stay strong.


I’m actually doing well I still have really rough days. But I’m trying my best to take it easy on myself. Thank you for asking I appreciate it😊