Anyone any experience with antidepressants after coming off alcohol?


Hi just wondering if anyone has any experience with this as I realised after some counselling I was a bit depressed and stressed that’s why I drank so much and my doctor has started me on them Tia :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I’m on 10mg of lexapro and 20mg of Wellbutrin. I think they have helped me a lot. I have suffered from anxiety and mild depression my whole life but never took antidepressants. I started taking them in November of 2017 and stopped drinking cold turkey. I stayed sober for 9 months until I decided I could be a “casual” drinker. I’ll tell you that antidepressants and drinking do not mix well. I had bad side effects (much lower tolerance, twitches, shaking, higher anxiety and worse blackouts). Once I stopped drinking completely, all the side effects went away. They take a couple weeks to get in your system. Let them do what they are meant to do. Good luck!!


Ok thanks :blush: it’s only been a couple of days and I’ve had anxiety aswell over the years but took zanax for it never antidepressants just hope to feel back to myself soon x


I’m on psychotropic meds to include an antidepressant. My counsel is to have a psychiatrist treat you and not say your internist or gynecologist. You’d mentioned doctor, so I’m just putting it out there I see a psychiatrist for such treatment.


I take Cipralex and absolutely love it


I’m on 50mg sertraline, went on it just before Xmas. Thinking of asking them to up the dose but got therapy booked in for later this month so will see how that goes too.


Hi yes I’m also going to counselling aswell :hugs:


After about a year and a half sober, I found that my anxiety was really high and I couldn’t get it to go down even with meditation, yoga, healthy eating, exercise, etc. So I went on 10mg Lexapro, still on it and loving it.


Hi I was the same doing yoga swimming exercise ect and couldn’t understand why I still had anxiety so hoping to feel better soon the doctor said it tajes 1-2 weeks so il see how I feel after a sober weekend no choice now :wink:


I actually was able to get off them after I got sober. I was so worried I would be heavily depressed once I stopped. So complete opposite. I was so bone headed I never thought the booze was the depressing causer. But, do what you have to do.
Good luck!


Yes, it takes a couple of weeks to adjust, but see how it goes.


I am on wellbutrin. It has saved my life. I used to take prozac, which helps with serotonin (controlled my over eating, too… but it pooped out on me). But I make it with just the wellbutrin and my ADHD meds now.

Treating depression/adhd/anxiety/trauma correctly is essential to staying sober. Many of these mental illnesses lead to reliance on and addiction to non-prescription drugs and alcohol. People use those things to cope.

I hope you find what’s right for you and know that you can do it! If you need to chat feel free to msg me or post more. I am always open to listening to others regarding mental health/addiction.