Anyone dreaming about drinking?

Hi I’m on my 18th day sober after always had a problem with alcohol, I’m having difficulty sleeping properly and keep having dreams of drinking. Is this normal?

I’m a year in and still do. I actually had one the other night that woke me up in a panic.

Congrats on 18 days!!! And yes, it’s totally normal. The first couple of months I remember have just horrible nightmares about alcohol. Specifically relapsing even though I never did. It does go away. It probably has something to do with your mind breaking free from the drug of choice.

Yes I wake up panicking that I’ve relapsed for a sec, they are sometimes of occasions of trying to be lured away to drink, these dreams have changed from my usual dream/nightmare of falling from heights.


Yes totally normal. I try to see them as a good thing - they’re our addiction’s way of panicking and trying to lure us back. It means we are winning! Well done on 18 days

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Thanks…I’m surprised it’s seems to be getting easier but I have distanced my self from my friends I’m gonna do this for a year to not tempt me to drink I know this is selfish but I’m prepared to do what it takes