Anyone else feeling super irritable

I’m on day 22, I made it through Christmas Eve with temptations galore, Christmas day and I know I can make it through tonight. The more time that goes by the more irritable I’m getting! Each situation I’m in that i normally would be drinking and am not, the craving is getting stronger and intense. Can’t sit still, biting all my nails off, less social and have no patience. Will it always be this way?


I hope it wont always be that way and believe it wont too. Your old self is gonna try and sink its claws in you bc of fear and familiarity and comfort. Rememeber - you are creating a new you that is going to be so awesome, free and ready for life that you will eventually be unrecognizable to your old addicted self that wanted to keep you stuck. Stay strong and intentional and believe in the new you.


It is pretty normal this early in. I have found going to meetings is key. It helps me to get out of myself. Being irratable is a symptom of self. It is like pride in reverse.

When my who world centers around me I want to control everything in the universe which is a total impossibilty. I like thinking of every living creature on the planet. The harmony and balance is so much bigger then me.

I have to see the world for what it is and ask myself do I exude joy or misery. Giving off misery is so energy draining. I want to be a beacon a light for people. I want thwm to enjoy being near me. I want to feed people with love.

I cant do that when I am just thinking of me.


I am in the same boat, only maybe more anxious/restless instead of irritable. I’m going on 4 days sober now and I’ve gone to 4 AA meetings. I get really anxious and figety at the meetings. I have this ring on my finger and I play with it while I talk to people. I want to seem calm but it’s really hard. I feel like I could run 10 miles with all this energy I have. Ugh!! I feel you!!

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Just go with it. If you are going to be fidgeting, then acknowledge it and cope.

It gets better…

One guy in aa had his 24 hour coin polished shiny as he fidgeted and took it out on his coin… LOL


Just a phase, one of many. I didn’t start really leveling out good until 6 months.

But now I’m over 450 days and it’s easy and lots of my previous issues have all disappeared.