Anyone else training for a Spartan?

I’ve signed up for a Spartan in April with some folks from a business networking group. The guy organizing our group owns his own personal training business, so hopefully he’ll be a great resource. He wants us to officially start training as a group in January

Here’s the thing. I’m a weak little lady, 5’7” and 107 lbs soaking wet. I can barely hang from my pull up bar let alone do a pull up. I’m almost there, but not quite and far from a dead hang pull up.

I keep messing up with my ED, so I’m dead set on cutting the shit out today and making this a priority. I’m really excited about it and hope to do many. I’m also 48. However, back in the day I was a personal trainer and fitness has always been part of my life, so it should be too much of a shock to my body.

Anyone else with an upcoming Spartan that wants to be held accountable and/or work on a training program?


I believe that @SinceIAwoke Dan does the odd Spartan here and there. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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in training my self even got the shirt lol

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I stick to triathlons. Spartans and Tough Mudders are for crazy people. :crazy_face:


I wasn’t sure, triathlons are knarly enough. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I am not training for Spartan either, but I am just about to start my accountability thread on my fitness goal. ( I singed up to run around a big lake ( 200km) with some colleagues in may each of us doing around a marathon length). But I won’t only focus on running since I don’t want to remain weak… and my long term goal is to be able to do 5 chin ups in a row. ( surely I cant do a half chin up yet).

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Ahhhh the running too. I need to concentrate on that. I shattered a knee cap years ago, so running really challenges me. I’ve been going slow with it as to not put too much on my knee too fast. I run in intervals and slowly increase running time and decrease walking time.


Hey, @Girlinterrupted!

Last year, I declared #ThereIsNoOffseason. This year, meh. So I can use the accountability help. I am going for a medical consult to deal with some muscle that’s squeezing a nerve - my foot goes 80% numb at 4 miles, but 10 minutes after running it’s all good again.

Anyway, I find excuses to skip training and cheat on the diet when I’m not training for a specific triathlon. I do a starter race in July, a B race in August, and my A race in September. To keep the rust off, I did a 10k in October, and I’m signed up for another in November.

My goals until March are to train 4 days a week, including one day for yoga and one day for a twofer day (usually spin then swim a few hours later). And no weight gain this winter, I’m at my preseaon goal weight now and I want to be leaner for next year.

And to get to bed sober tonight. Everything’s gonna be alright.



I had to Google “Spartan”, so I guess it would do me good to get out of my niche! There’s a race really close to me next August. It’s only a 5k I think, which is barely enough distance for me to get from a walk to a jog, but I should do it. It’s also really expensive, compared to my usual runs. I have crazy anxiety and fear of heights, so this would be a good goal, just to see what obstacles I could get over without a horse’s good judgement to reassure me. I train year round, too, although I’m perfectly happy to call a lot of walking on trails “training”. Right now I’m working on improving sleep metrics. I always track food, it can be useful in retrospect, and I’m in a few nutrition clinical trials. I’d be happy to participate in this thread!


That’s great that you have a plan to include stuff in your off months. I’m going to check out a new gym tomorrow. I hate my current one and it causes me not to go. My daughter is my work out buddy, but she really doesn’t come with me anymore.

I hope the doctor can get your muscle issue resolved. Let us know how it goes.

My goal this week is to just get myself back in the gym. I’ve slacked the past few weeks due to a prolonged slip with my ED :cry:

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Yes! Awesome! The obstacles look so fun yet challenging. I was and still am afraid of heights. But I do this rope course at a whitewater center near me and it was so fun yet scary at the beginning. I just had so much fun with it and the height feat on the course completely disappeared.

I track food too, it’s important to keep me on track. I need to learn to be more creative with my meal planning. There is so little I can eat due to food allergies it just gets so boring.

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Not doing a Spartan. Don’t know if they have them here in the UK. But I’ve signed up for The Fan Dance ( Google it) I’m doing it on my 53rd birthday next July. So I’m going to be training like hell to get my time some where near the four hours that it’s usually done in.


That looks awesome! I’ve downloaded a few apps with training schedules. I wonder if they have them for the fan dance?

My first step is to get my butt to the gym next week!!

This will help me be accountable

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Yeah they’ve supplied an email package that includes guidance as to what you could be doing to get fit enough.
I live at the base of a 800 ft hill so… I got the ideal training ground.


Oh wow! That is awesome and yet it makes me tired just thinking about it lol

I hear ya!

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I took yesterday off from training, it was a chilly rainy windy day. I stayed in by the fire! This morning I did my push-ups, one goal I have is to be consistent and do them daily and better each day. I also went to hot yoga tonight, it was fantastic! Just a level 1 class but just what I needed after boxing Friday and a 3.5 mile run Saturday. So far, the accountability is working for me.


I have had two easy days of “ambling” along on trails. My only goals were to be over 100 percent of my fitness tracker run distance, which is a minimum of six miles, and much harder, to not think about the firewood I should be finishing up cutting and stacking. Success. Winter here can be a long wet and grey affair, so I enjoyed these sunny but frosty ones fully! I did some rows and pull-ups. Hot yoga made me sore for two weeks the last time I tried it. Was deceived by how good all the warm muscle stretching felt at the time! Supposed to be 25 degrees tonight here.

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Well, I’m was supposed to check out a new gym, but work went sideways and now today is shot too. I was almost done with this client and it looks like the whole deal is falling through and we are starting all over from scratch. So… depending on when we get in from traveling all over the state today. I may be able to check out this other gym. Feeling comfortable there is going to be crucial for me. I have really bad shyness or gasp, anxiety. I’ve been able to push through it in the past. I think I’m going to keep the other gym membership as a back up as well because it’s open 24 hours :slight_smile:

I have some Spartan apps on my phone that sit there and intimidate me. I’m big on burying my head when intimidated. So, time to stop being a baby, put on my big girl panties, and go get it!

I’m big on burying my head when intimidated

Ah yes, pretending that conditions don’t exist and are to be accepted, I know that feeling well. When I got sober in AA, it was in a meeting where they read the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions book. In there is a description of a related phenomenon, purposeful forgetting. Until I read that, I could not put a name to it, but I was aware I could do it, that I had developed that skill.

With physical training, it’s an asset for me to be able to put out of my mind the pains of training and the fatigue of race day. With spiritual training, though, this an obstacle that requires me to change. I must deal with the hurts and harms that I do to those around me and to myself, because if I do not then I will only be able to retreat back into drinking and numbness.