Anyone else who was never a barfly?

I never liked bars or going out, didn’t like the loud music, ques, expense, sticking to the floor, bad chat up lines. Guess in a sense it’s lucky, because I don’t have to lose that part of life for sobriety, cause I don’t want that part anyway.

On the flip side, my drinking was at home, alone, now I’m here, at home, alone. An introvert, not like I’m going to go out and enjoy making loads of new mates, that’s not me, and I’m happy with my life. But unlike being able to avoid going to a bar, I cannot avoid being at home, alone, cannot avoid my introverted nature.

Anyone else like this?



It was very hard in the beginning because I could not avoid being home but home was where the alcohol was.

But I just made sure I drank a LOT of other things…sparkling water, tea, even a few N/A substitutes. In time it got easier. It doesn’t stress me nearly as much now.

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I have been both. When I first started drinking I was too young for bars, so drank in cars and at parties mostly out in the woods. Once I reached legal drinking age, I went to bars a lot with friends to dance and drink and pick up guys. As I got older, my drinking moved to dinner parties, house parties, drinking at home with my spouse or with friends. So basically no matter what the circumstance, I drank.

I am definitely more introverted now that I am sober. And that feels good to me. Nothing wrong with enjoying your own company.


I did most of my drinking at home. While my family was present, I usually drank alone.


started in pubs then I realised I get to buy more alcohol for less money in the supermarket. But yes family definitely had a factor as well, not bc they wouldn’t come to the pub but why would I spend all that money on them. Alcohol makes me a selfish prick.

I’m really, intensely uncomfortable in large groups or crowds, and I’m very introverted. The drugs made it easier to pretend that I was an extrovert. Now i try to accept myself the way that I am, and hopefully someday I’ll be less agoraphobic.

I’d rather be introverted and alone than stoned out of my gourd all the time, that’s for sure


This is exactly me. Isolated drinker. Rarely drank around others the last two to three years. COVID has been hard for my sobriety, where it has helped others from the sense that things were locked down. I failed miserably this year.

Me-ish! Most of my drinking was done at home. I always enjoyed a night out but it was more drinks with my friends or a date with my husband. Not the bar scene since my early 20s. It was definitely drinking at home (at an increasing and disgusting clip) that was my main habit.