Anyone else with chronic migraine?

Anyone else here who suffers from chronic migraines? I am currently having a migraine. And was wondering if anyone else on here gets them.

Yep, almost every day. Mine are caused by constantly clenching my teeth due to severe anxiety and stress, and I’ve done this since I was probably 8 years old. My jaw and mouth are really messed up because of this, I’ve never gotten relief and I’m hoping to finally get on anxiety medication to help me with this, but man the pain is bad. It starts in my mouth, ends up in my jaw, all the way my temple, and head. Awful pain almost daily

Yes, I have them. I have migraine with aura. Last year I had only 8 migraine attacks. But the year before that I had like 4 attacks a week. I’ve got beta blocker then. It worked, but I hated the way they make me feel. So I tapered it down and stopped. When I have a aura now I take Naramig (naratriptan), it helps!
Ps, my migraine is a family thing. My son has it and my father too.

I too, get them all the time! Much like @Bostonbruins2018, I clench my teeth while sleeping and I also sit in front of a computer all day; blue light is no joke! I have special glasses for computer use and have to take 800mg of Advil at the first sign of a headache or it’s game over. I’ve actually had headaches so bad that I really thought it would be better to take a header out of a third story window to relieve the pain… The struggle is real my friends… :exploding_head:

I know what you mean, mine are always coupled with toothache though so it’s even worse. There are times I’m pressing on my temple so hard just to feel more pain so that when I lay off, I get some sort of relief. Or I’ll punch myself in the jaw, yes they are that bad…

I sometimes try and push my eyeballs out the back of my head… Same concept as you pushing on your temples. :scream:

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Oh me too, right above my eyeballs are where the pain always is the worst! I tell people they are eye aches more than headaches honestly

I wish I just had eye aches… I call them the shut up and leave me alones! I need bare skin on cold sheets, pillow over the face and silence!