Anyone had an ulcer?

I have relapsed 3 times in 3 months, most recently 8 days ago. The last two days I have had pain in my upper stomach that feels similar to hunger pangs. Could I have developed an ulcer from relapsing or is my anxuous mind likely reaching on this one? I’d like to think it’s a stomach bug but no one else in my home is experiencing the same thing. The pain comes and goes. Has anyone else experienced this? If it’s not better by Monday I’ll probably see if my Dr. Can fit me in or visit a walk in clinic.

@Gemstone123, this could be such a multitude of things Haddy. If it persists see a doctor. It could be anything from indigestion, to gall bladder, to irritated pancreas, to an ulcer.

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Thank you @alpine_1975. This makes me sound terrible but my youngest woke up with a tummy ache so I’m a little relieved that it’s most likely a virus. I had an anxious moment thinking alcohol finally caught up with me in a bad way.