Anyone have any advice?

So I was doing well, after a relapse 1 week in, I made it another week. However, my husband has now decided (after him being a full 2weeks clean) that he is happier as an addict and has 0 interest in the sober life. I came home from work to a 4 page letter talking about how he was sorry he let me down, hope that it doest mess me up in my journey, he’s just going to drag me down with him, yadda yadda. And I caved just to spend time with him. I’ve tried to get him to do other things with me (going for walks with our dogs, working around the house together, play video games, etc.) but it’s like he’s not satisfied unless I’m getting messed up with him (which is only how I feel, I don’t know if it’s true but it sure feels that way).

So I guess my question is: is anyone else going thru something similar with their significant other? And if so, how are you handling being sober while they continue to use? How do you spend time together?

I’m sorry but sounds like you have a problem in your hands.

I recently met a recovered young woman who was in the same situation, but she ended up leaving her husband. It comes down to the fact that he needs to be less selfish and love you and what you have together enough to do anything to save it, but these kinds of things happen every day, people just start going seperate ways, like in your case, you want to be better and he wants to stay where he is. You need to take care of YOU. I would say make a pros and cons list, have a serious talk with him and make a decision.