Anyone have tips on falling asleep sober?


I read the AA Big Book. That usually puts me to sleep pretty fast.


TV off & reading an hour before bed help me. Plus a mug of something hot & caffeine-free :zzz:


I read somewhere that anything above 4 mg the body doesn’t even take in


Lol seriously if I’m desperate I break out my theoretical physics textbook from college. I’ve never made it past 25 min. Lol


I use an app called calm it has sleep stories or just nature sounds etc i find if i dont have something like that on my mind thinks to much, i normally fall asleep before any story ends usually before 10 minutes!
I also read before i want to go to sleep also


Actually I only took 10 mg to get me back on a natural sleep pattern. I don’t take it anymore but it did work. I never felt like I was dependent. I think sleep is more important in the long term to regain your sanity after being an addict.


Working out is the best u can do. I mostly Fall asleep pretty fast after an exhausting sports Session. :laughing::muscle:


+1 for exercise. Also for me, chamomile Sleepytime tea before bed. I’m not sure if the tea itself actually helps. But after prior years of this being a habit, my body now reacts almost like a Pavlovian response: Oh tea! Must be bed time.

I guess in general that’s just trying to stick to a schedule, no matter how tough at first.


i was only dependant on alcohol basically passing out every night for a couple of decades. Naturally i could not sleep properly for the first year. Now can sleep not for long but a deep quality sleep. wake up okay so clearly am getting enough rest.
It just takes time to heal, you will sleep when exhausted.


I seem to have developed a Pavlovian response to the radio, I put on a show I like on BBC radio iPlayer (not sure it’s available outside the UK, but I guess it’s really just like listening to a podcast) and it usually has me asleep in under 5 mins. If that doesn’t work then meditation. Like @Eke I also use Calm, there are a few meditations for sleep as well as sleep stories.

If my brain is really whirring I find having a pen and paper on my bedside table helps. Writing down the to do list that pops into my head at 1am (helpful!) puts them into perspective a bit and makes it feel like I’ve done something with them and will deal with it tomorrow.

Also I always sleep best when I’ve had a physically busy day. Could you do something before you go to bed? I find a good walk gets the blood pumping and calms the mind a bit.

If you are on your phone check if you can set it to night mode or filter out the blue light on devices you might be using like @Insperation suggested… I know we aren’t supposed to use devices in/just before bed but if you’re going to, might as well adjust them!