Anyone in Seattle?

Out with friends at a bar because thats what we used to do, but I’m sober (113 days!) But super tempted to drink. Definitely don’t want to but really want to haha. Ugh. I need sober friends.

Have you thought of going to any local meetings or tapping in to your local recovery network? I would be cautious in going out to bars with your old drinking buddies. They say that is we keep found and sitting in the barbers we will eventually get a haircut, the same goes for visiting bars, I mean is it really that enjoyable going somewhere that’s full of inebriated people? I find drunk people to be quite annoying tbh. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I have tried but they’ve been canceled when I go to meetings, I know I should try again. If anyone has more advice on tapping into my local recovery network I’d appreciate it because I’ve had trouble doing that.
And they’re more of real friends who support me but we were out and ended up there because my friend works there. Plus I try real hard not to think I’m better than people who drink, I just happen to not drink because that’s best for me. I want to be adaptable and able to push myself (while feeling confident in my sobriety), I just would love to find a sober community too.