Anyone local?


Hey ya’ll! I am just curious if anyone that visits this app is local to me? I live in Fort Myers, FL. :sunny:


What’s local? A few miles or does East Coast work? :rofl:


USA! USA! Nation-buddies!


I was thinking like in the same city or any surrounding cities😊


Lucky!!! Haha- I’m in Minnesota, sadly.


Oh… OK. I guess Virginia is too far right? :persevere:


Would be nice to be in FL. I’m stuck with the Chicago weather.


South Africa, think i might be the only one on the forum


The developer of the forum is from South Africa. So, not the only one!!


Lol nice and then there were 2


North east PA :slight_smile:


Canadian here :slight_smile: I live in Ontario and British Colombia


Can’t complain where I am.
Known to most as the whales vagina


Oh wow, people from all over the place! Believe me, I love Florida and probably couldn’t live anywhere else because I’m just so used to being able to go out in a pair of shorts, a tank top, and flip flops almost year round. BUT, in the Summertime the heat gets so bad no one really even wants to go outside unless it involves water because it gets HOT with the humidity. But, I have a jet ski so that is awesome for those steaming hot days! I really was wishing I could find someone local from the app just to connect with in person and possibly become my sponsor. I have 2 months 9 days and have yet to get a sponsor. I really think I need to get one if I am going to be successful through this journey. But, I am guilty of not getting to a meeting yet besides the meetings in the detox program I went through.

Does anyone ever ask or have a sponsor from TS?


I have a close friend who is an addict and is clean and sober and would love for her to be my sponsor, but she is a lot of times hard to get a hold of or forgets to call me back. I really want someone who will REALLY be there for me. I’m not talking 24/7, but at least be able to answer calls once in a while and meet up now and then…


I’m from Daytona Beach but moved to Orlando for University of Central Florida :slight_smile:


I LOVE Orlando!


I live in Ormond Beach. :sparkling_heart:


Does she do the steps in AA or NA? Even though I did a lot of drugs and drank I prefer the steps in AA. I have experience in both programs though.


Im from UK. There’s a few of us here I think.