Anyone taken melatonin long term then stopped using it?

If so, did you start to sleep ok again?
I’m scared in a way to stop taking it as my sleep was so bad before. But I don’t know if it’s part of my addictive brain telling me I need it when I actually don’t any more? I also get a tiny ‘buzz’ when I take the pill at night, not a real one, just mentally. It’s like my brain is going “oooh drugs!” When it’s not really so I want to stop with these.
I’ve been using melatonin for around 5 months now, I have the 5mg dissovable tablets that I snap in half, so i take 2.5mg per night.
Reasons I want to stop is my head always feeling fuzzy, especially for the first few hours after I wake up and this feeling of them possibly becoming a vice (I know thats crazy but I really think my old pill popping brain is associating them in a similar way.:flushed:.) But I’m worried that my sleep will go back to being fucked up which I hate and that alone has a real negative impact on my life :weary:

I would think it would be fine to keep taking it if it’s working. I’m on a horrible bout of insomnia and it does nothing for me but it’s something our bodies make naturally so just like taking a vitamin in something you are deficient in. Good luck with your sleep. I’m having a horrible time.

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Sorry you’re having a hard time with sleeping. It’s so awful not being able to sleep. You have my total sympathy here.
I think what worries me is I’ve read things that say melatonin is bad for you long term, I was watching a dr berg video the other day and he said that long term, synthetic melatonin can calcify your pineal gland, causing other issues and making it harder to get natural sleep. Which is what I want.

I also just want to wake up feeling refreshed. I mean, I wake up knowing I’ve had a good sleep, but I don’t feel refreshed, just groggy… I think after all this work I’ve done I deserve to wake up feeling good!