Anyone think: apocalypse coming fuck it?

I read an article today that scientists are warning political leaders that we are in a crisis. My brain instantly said: fuck it, what difference would do it make to drink a whole bottle of wine right now. I didn’t of course. I would need to stay sober to fight off any zombie eating mother f’ers.

But seriously, how do we stay strong when there is so much negativity? I just remind myself that I have today, and that’s all that matters. I will try and reduce my waste consumption and ride my bike in hopes that I am doing my part in helping save tomorrow, but I also need to live one day at a time, sober and clean.

Curious to read what others think!


Also, I think I am scared. I use to drink to hide my fears…fears of unknown…it’s got me lately…but I am here…right?


When the apocalypse comes, it comes. I won’t plan for some uncertain future, I won’t let it dictate my today because I only have control of me and what I do.

Do what you can, that’s all you can do.


Who cares I’m gonna die anyway was a legitimate reason to drink in my mind for a while


I won’t give in that easily but I just wish my brain wouldn’t do that. It’s been doing it more and more these days. I can feel the anxiety brewing.

I think, what if they’re wrong?

I think, even if they’re right, what about all the time in between now and then?

I think, I was already pretty good at inventing reasons to make myself miserable and not enjoy whatever days I’ve got left. Not going back on that now.

I think today was great and I got to be present for it.

I think I’ll try that again tomorrow.

Wait… What were we talking about again?


Sometimes I would drink to shut out the ugliness in life. Usually I drank because of it. From both a subjective and objective standpoints.

I feel you on this.

Sometimes seeing my town, not finding deeper connections, deeper meanings really does push me to shut it out, and seriously just sad drink. Most of the time I drank, I would be out there and fun, but more times I then not I ended up sad and depleted.

Reading so much opens your mind and also makes you feel a certain way.

I guess I just let it flow to me, the negative ideas and let it go, with no alchoal intake.

Now, from a apocalypse standpoint? Well, it’s sort of here. All the ugly, all bad and evil. But, that’s humans. Humans are both great and evil, I just accepted that. And to the end we go, and the earth will survive, maybe humans wont. Who knows.

See what’s close and hold on to positivity. Or atleast find peace in a dying world. Within you. Dont brace or rush. Take your time. Do what you love, and do what is positive for you.

Maybe read on Stoicism, lol.


I share your fear but I don’t see it as a reason to drink. My theory is to be ready and as healthy and fit as possible for survival/ battle, along with doing what I can to minimize my carbon footprint.


A massive earth crises seems like a horrible time to be experiencing withdraws.


We see what we look at. I take care with the media I feed myself. I got sober during the Bush II administration. I thought the world was going to hell in a handbasket then. So I stopped reading the newspaper for three years. Except for the sports pages daily and the puzzle page on Saturday.

Today I’m very restrictive with Facebook and the news apps. I choose to look at very local stuff, and to focus on positive events. And the world has a lot of good in it.


A lot of truth to this :ok_hand: I stopped watching the news two years ago, bc it always left me feeling helpless and the world going to end tomorrow. I try my best to do the same as you! We’re on the right path here :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure the fear of how ugly this world could be was quite a big part of my boozing. I’m a worrier by nature and the anxiety made that even worse when I was drinking. I’m from the uk and I must say now, I’m fucking sick of brexit and all of the scare mongering!! I have to also say though since not sticking shit down my throat the anxiety is almost non existent and i can now think, what will be will be! :woman_shrugging:t3: that’s why it’s even more important that we all wake up from our addictions and LIVE for today! Go do the things you have always wanted to do either way we’re all going to die in the end!!! :flushed: ok… who just wrote all that… who am I and what have I done with the joyless, anxious lush :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::rofl::rofl::pray:t2: peace to you all xx​:two_hearts:


Don’t watch the news, or read papers. And be careful what you like or sign up to on social media if you use it. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Most of it is overhyped bullshit to sell their product/show/agenda.

I went on Twitter for the first time in years and lasted a couple of days before I deactivated it. All it ended up being was a negative feedback loop of bad news stories and celebrity nonsense.

The things that you care about, environment or whatever, then do what you can in real life and ignore the rest. No one needs to be told 30 times a day we’re drowning in plastic waste, it’s pointless. The news makes people scared, amplifying the worst bits of life and ignoring the rest.

Coming from a country with one of the most corrupt alleged free press (UK), I wouldn’t piss on most journalists if they were on fire. A few notable exceptions.


My sons and i have the tools in the garage to take care of the zombies ,were prepared lol


I don’t think climate crisis means apocalypse…nothing like the momie 2012 (was that the name?)…but I think some very tough times are in our future and I need my brain and body at top function!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I feel you dear. This world is so full of crap. For me there are two choices: either I suck in all the shitty vibes around, lose my marbles and feel really bad and worried (which doesn’t help anyone) or I try to filter the amount of crap and concentrate on the good (things that serve my sobriety). What’s even more important to me is I try to spread good around and try to adjust my attitude if I notice any negativity, selfishness or greed in me. They can be very little everyday things. Helping others and doing my best gives me comfort. Dalai Lama has said that we will lose the game without compassion. And I think we should start with ourselves.


Wether i drink today or tomarro in peace or if theres a earth crisis, what good would it do.

Id rather trip and fall to save someone from getting hit by a car, then to comfortably watch someone get hit by a car.
Lol funny stuff but makes sence

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I do my best in my little smidge of the world and try to add to my communities in a positive way.

I cannot control the fate of the earth, but I can spread a little happiness and peace where I am. I am grateful to be sober either way. I sure don’t want to be hungover if a zombie comes calling.


I believe that knowing that 1/3rd of the human population will be taken out at the hand of evil is gonna be something extremely hard to witness sober… I’m notorious for getting drunk myself sometimes when I can’t find another solution or just need to escape but I’ve learned that I always make matters worse by doing so… I also believe that the same force that’s used to control our mind’s to cause self harm by not being able to clearly see what we are doing to ourselves and other’s is the same force that keeps us denying the truth… I thought of the one thing that Jesus said to do when seeing these signs… He said BE SOBER, BE VIGILANT… In the word’s of Dr Phil, I said to myself “wonder why he said that for”???As for fear, it’s not an option… :point_up::blush:


Getting high or drunk just doesn’t help me with anything anymore. It just get’s me depressed and suicidal. That’s the reason I quit. The world news threatens to get me seriously depressed too. I try to stay away from it but that’s not 100% possible. I can stay away from mind altering substances though. One cause of despressions excluded for me.
I am struggling with finding new ways of dealing with the world because drugs and drink don’t help me no more. Working on it. Lots of work to do.