Apologies to anyone i may have upset

Sorry for my post the other day. I have been very overwhelmed. I have to ask, how are you guys handling the pandemic?
i live with family so ive been having nonstop anxiety about getting a job and what the future holds. but i need a job. There’s a lot that goes into it for my personal situation, but i keep having panic attacks… much worse after drinking obviously. which to be fair helps to explain the other day…

I guess the best question for me to ask is: if you work not at home but in a physical building, what (generally) is it that you do for work, and how safe do you feel? I’ve been worried sick for months that I would end up making my mom sick, whether its from someone at work or going to the store or w/e… its different when you live with at risk people and basically my whole family is.
Anyways, again I apologize. This year has really taken a toll on me as I’m sure it has for others as well. Im just grateful its not happening when it was last year and I was drinking all that vodka…
And also apologies for this debby-downer post… i try to avoid topics like this because it just stresses me out. but im at my wits end…


Good to see you back Nicole :+1:


I am working at work so to say and I am grateful for that. I am not afraid or scared. I do my best to be healthy, for example I don’t drink alcohol :crazy_face:

I was in home office for 12 weeks and this was not good for my psyche.

Otherwise I keep social contacts to a minimum and stay away from coughing or ill looking people. But I always did that as catching sth always gives me the creeps as diabetic and my numbers go up.


Happy you’re back, truly am.

I’ve been dealing with this year like any other, I can’t live in fear of the unknown. I follow the simple recommendations from the CDC and just go about my business.

I drive a city bus, I see people from all walks of life and all manner of covid awareness daily, many people don’t wear masks or social distance but I still show up and don’t fret. My chances of survival from getting it are very good, if I did get it I would do the quarantine until I’m not going to infect others.

Fear bites easy and deep, just handle what you can handle.


I don’t work so I can’t help you there. But I’m over sixty. Just barely over sixty and I get quite anxious going out these days. I basically don’t go out but I mask up and take as many precautions as possible. But I am grateful I’m not on the vodka martini maintenance plan like I was in 2018 and 2019. Being sober during this incredible shitty year has been amazing for me. I’d just be a piece of trash if I was still drinking this year. Good luck finding a job. And remember drinking would only make it so much worse.


well im not very concerned with myself getting sick but making my mom sick. she works from home so its been relatively safe for now. the thing is i generally work in the service industry and, some restaurants are filthy… whethers thats changed or not i have no idea. having to get a new job entails a whole new laundry list of search criteria. so if you can imagine, when i do job searches i look at distance, star rating, income, employee reviews. now i have to bother with if they are even clean. (like, actually clean). I live in Texas where a lot of people have rejected the idea of masks and all that. So, if that makes more sense on why im concerned. even if i didnt work in a restaurant id still have to deal with the same like minded people. These people are making me sick out of my mind and, to top it off, I’ve been mocked for my views on the situation more than enough times. Add to that living in Trump country during election year. its just been awful.


Got any house cleaning jobs in your area? Many of them require you to drive your own car, you work with disinfectant and you’re not in the same spot all day.

As for mom, well I’d just mask up, regularly wash those hands, get tested if you feel ill at all and generally avoid her/keep that social distance. The pandemic stopped a lot of lives, but time marches on and people got bills to pay. Do what you can and do it responsibly, that’s all you can do. Can’t control the others, only you.


Glad you are back. I can’t make any suggestions on the employment front, but I’m glad you are being thoughtful about it. :heart::pray::sunny:


Just glad you are back. :heart:


Glad you are back. We are a part of a large family, and quite honestly…if most of us are truthful, we all have probably lashed out a time or two. I know I have. Those that do not understand, probably are part of the lucky few that never let this disease lead them down a dark path.

I work with the public. I keep my mask on, sanitize myself as much as I can, and keep distance as much as possible. I have faith that at the end of all of this that I will still be around.


:+1: we’re still human I guess…


Indeed, @Thirdmonkey and others said it well, we are a community and I doubt any of us have not lashed out while hurting. Certainly plenty of us have done so publicly on here as well. No lie there. We are, indeed, simply human, doing our best, where we are at, right now.

I cannot help you on work advice, as I am retired. However, I am positive with covid right now and resting comfortably at home. Fatigued, but living my life. My husband is negative, so we have been isolating from each other. I am in the bedroom, he in the rest of the house. When we see each other we mask up and keep distance. He just had another test come back negative, so whatever we are doing is working.

As @CaptAZ stated, still living our life each day, not in fear, but with vigor and joy. Making the best of life as it is.

You do what you need to to feel safe.
Sending strength and care. :heart:


Get well soon Sassy


I hope you get to feeling better, sounds like youre handling it like a champ.

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Thanks, I don’t want to hijack your thread tho, just wanted to share that while life is scary, none of ever knows what it holds.

What did you think about the house cleaning idea? It sounds feasible to me. Lots of disinfectant and gloves and a mask.


Hi Nicole, I’m glad you’re back. I completely get how you feel about this whole covid thing. If I’m honest, at times I’ve been going out of my mind with it all. All we can do is make sure we do what ever makes us feel safest. I have no advice for the job side of things other than, house cleaning is what I do for a living and that can be as safe as you make it so that’s a good idea. Thank you for coming back. :pray:t2::two_hearts:


It’s cool you actually sparked up a good debate on here. I’ve went off on here years back. I’ll never hold no grudges against anyone just for having feeling’s. I’ve been off and on here for 4 years this place always sucks ya back lol.


I’m happy to see you back. You’re part of this big family and you deserve to be here just as much as the next person. Shit happens and we just put it behind us and move on.

I work in an office of 100 people of which only 25 have been there at any one time. We all follow the rules by wearing masks and keeping our distance when possible. No more than 2 people in the kitchen, bathroom or elevators at a time. We have an outside company that comes in once a week to disinfect. I do use a lot of hand sanitizer throughout the day. I take my mask off when I’m working at my desk by myself. I don’t feel threatened at all. I feel safer going to work than I do going to the grocery store.


Geez Im really sorry to hear that… sounds like you got it similar to my situation. I would like to reaply to all of you guys but honestly the last 24 hours or so ive felt nauceous (its going down tho) and i can barely think straight… just thank u all for the replies. it helps me a lot right now. i deactivated my facebook account for the time being because i was being very emotional on there as well so this is pretty much it for socializing for now and i am appreciating the conversation.


I really gotta agree… its so much easier for me to socialize on there rather than my phone but i cant count the times ive either deactivated my account or thought about deleting it altogether.