Are you a 30-45 year old with a small business?

Anyine want to help me with a homework assignment? I am participating in a 10 week class to start a business. Chalmer got sick and now I have this set of interviews due about 1pm EST today and it isn’t done.

If you are 30-45 and have had, have, or want to have a small business and kicked around having a bookkeeper. You are not buying anything, you are helping me value the strengths of my brand and the monitary value of the service.

So, if you want to help then say so and I will make a PM thread to discuss it.


I can help! I’ve done a few start up business programs and I do have a small business.

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I could be available @C-sun. I meet all the criteria except for the age range :slight_smile: I’m 48…

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Nice! Thank you. Give me about an hour to see up the thread. I’m a an appointment but I am excited!

No big deal. I’m not showing off driver’s licenses.

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Hey, I actually have a client today from 2 to 4 pm, but I’m free until then and tonight.

ok, more than willing to lend a hand if you still need some participants…

I want in on this.

Did you get it done?

Well, it us ongoing. It did not get done but it is still happening. I need one more if you want in… :slight_smile:

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