Asking for tips on solving addiction that have become a part of your daily life

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So I have been addicted to youtube for the past 5-6 years. It never bothered me until recently, comparing my social life, common knowledge, and various other aspects to my friends I’ve noticed that I’m really lacking. Problem is, by this point I felt like IT’S grip is really strong.

I kept failing due to it being a daily part of my life for so long, I either forgot about IT being an addiction or was confused on what to do next. Problem is, when you’re been failing for this long, you start to doubt your ways, skills, and knowledge on beating this.

Enough of my own destructive problem, just like I said I’m doubting myself right now, I don’t feel confident enough to ask others for too much tips so I seek these forums. Please share tips on how to beat an addiction if it became a PART of your life if you’re lived with it NORMALLY for a long time…

Try to find distraction every time you feel the urge to watch You Tube. Go for awalk, run, work out, etc. Find yourself a new hobby. Go socialize with friends. Read here about addiction and tips how to deal with them. Use the :mag: button above to find all you wanna read about.
Be here much, it helps!! 🙋
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