Authentically Jesi

… has been born!

Hi everyone!!! Miss you tons and tons of tons!

Life is… taking off!

Authentically Jesi seemed a much more fitting name than Jesi Interrupted, I don’t feel so interrupted… And the most authentic version of myself that I’ve ever been.

Authentically Jesi is now on YouTube AND IGTV on Instagram.

I can be reached at ANY time @authentically.jesi on IG.

Love you all so very much, thank you for helping me find my forever voice!

:purple_heart::purple_heart: Jesi


Proud of you Jesi,

Your doing great!!! A long way from the broken girl with broken dreams that showed up here.


You have so much enthusiasm in your videos. Thanks for doing what you do. I love that unicorn in that one video. It’s looks so soft and cuddly. :blush:


Love you all so much!!!

Thank you for your unwaivering support and compassion.

@Fury damn sure not broken anymore. I’ve rebuilt; stronger, wiser. Feels amazing.