Avoiding relapse today day 5

Well today seems to be going good. Day for us almost over and ready to move into day 5. Swimming with the kids enjoying the nice weather here. Wish I could find some hiking buddies but that seems to be harder then I would like. But for now I am enjoying the day getting a little tan in and having fun with the kids. Hope all of my 4 day buddies are hanging in there. Enjoy the day!


Barely been four days and it’s the weekend now I want to drink so bad

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Day four just complete also. Slept well last night for the first but restless tonight. Keeping positive entering day 5 well done to you and good luck to all of you at early stage of this sober game x


Hey! Where are you located?! I looooove hiking…especially now that I’m sober

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5 days in a couple of hours! The weekends are hard. But it’ll feel so great to get through it sober, you can do it


I am sure by this evening I will be struggling more but as of right now I am keeping busy. Find something to do to keep yourself busy. Keep chatting here. This has helped me through this week. Hoping it will help me through this weekend. Good luck Olivia… feel free to chat.

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ELY83 I am in Idaho.

Thanks coco for the support. Hope your having a great day.

I joined a hiking group on fb. I like to give alone but there are many people who buddy up.


Dang it…NJ here😞

There’s a group AA that goes hiking a lot by me. I also go biking with people from NA. That’s usually a good place to find sober people to hang out with


Awesome to hear your enjoying day 5vwith the kids. Looks beautiful. Not sure if you have tried the app. Meetup? I found a group of ladies that enjoy biking and hiking and lots of other things too. It is NOT a dating site. Lol stay strong it gets easier one day at a time. :+1:

Thanks everyone. I am glad your all do ih ng well as well. I did load the app yesterday but have yet to use it. I am a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people. So this is going to be interesting to say the least. Thanks for all the encouragement.

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So let’s be honest. About an hour ago the want got bad. Feeding eveyone dinner an early just wanted something hard to drink. Had to go with him to get some equipment an if I had asked I would have stopped at the liquor store an it was right there. I kept quite. When we got back still craving. Took the dogs for a walk with two of the kids insted. One of my fur babes is 3the other is 6months. It helped but now I am sitting still again an brain is wanting it.

Try finding something to take your mind off the drink. Once we put the booze down we need something to take it’s place.

When I got out of rehab I asked (begged, on my knees begging) my higher power to remove the obsession and compulsion to drink and use. Since that time I haven’t really had any strong urges. There’s been times where I’ve thought about it, but only once where I got scared, and that was over 7 months ago.

Now if I ever feel myself getting squirrelly I either hit a meeting, call another drunk or pray. It keeps the demons at bay while I work on getting better.

I worked on some photos I had to edit from a shoot last weekend tonight is done. On ward to day 6…