Avoiding relapse!

Hi, I’m new to the app but it’s been really helpful so far. I’m on day 4 now, I can usually make it to this point (I wouldn’t say easily but I’m usually more determined in the first few days) then I always seam to crumble. I don’t have what I would class as triggers or not that I notice, I seam to relapse wether happy or sad etc there’s no specific mood that makes me use if I had to pick a time I’m most likely to use it’s on a night when alone with my thoughts but this isn’t always the case. Luckily I can make it to a meeting tonight but I’m worried about when I get home. Was just hoping for some advice/tips for getting past these first few days? Thanks. My problem is cocaine incase that makes a difference to people’s suggestions/advice


It’s obsession, do u go to any recovery meetings, you gotta keep sharing. It’s your disease screaming out. Mental obsession man. You got this, go to a meeting, ask for help. Make a grateful list. That’s not so easy to do but make one and focus on those things in life your grateful for. Hit your knees, and pray for obsession to be removed, keep praying until it is. You can do this, take it a day at a time, get thru one day. Then the next day same thing, just get thru that day, what ever it takes. You truly can brake those chains of obsession.

Hi Tom, welcome to our sober chat :slight_smile: my drug of choice was alcohol but most addictions share similarities. I think it’s very important to brake the habit formed behaviours that threaten our sobriety. Per say, the hardest was then i was home sat on my couch after work. So i rearranged a room. I also started researching the effect drugs have on our bodies and how to combat this. Books such as ‘how to quit without feeling sh#t’ and ‘the recovery book’ saved my life. Keep yourself busy :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I sometimes go to NA meetings but hasn’t been possible lately as there aren’t any close by and I don’t have transport at the minute but tonight I can make it to one. I will definitely try the gratitude list, I know I how fortunate I am compared to others but still doesn’t stop me relapsing, maybe seeing it in black n white will make a difference

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Will also look into the books mentioned, thanks again

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