Back after falling off the wagon hard!

Well I’m back I was on last year summer time doing so well in my recovery something happened and I plummeted hard I have since had my meds changed I’m now on antipsychotics and mood stabilisers which has made so much of a difference! I’m 15 days dry and haven’t thought about alcohol just thought about accomplishing another day!
I know I drank mainly to get rid of my mind and the fact I am a chronic alcoholic.
But with my new meds I feel what people would call normal I guess if this is what normal is I’ve been missing out for so many years, I can hand on heart say it’s dawned on me that I’ve never been thankful to be alive and now every day I wake up thankful for another shot at life.


Zsazsa welcome back, in sorry to hear that you relapsed hard, I did the same thing myself a couple of months ago but your here having another stab at it, that’s what is important right now. I’m not sure they’re is such a thing as normal tbh though I know that how you used to feel is likely far from what most people experience. It’s good that your new medication regimen seems to level you out, isn’t it a great feeling to wake up feeling happy and positive!? I felt that way on Sunday morning I just felt great, as though nothing could ruin my day!! It’s important that we know it is okay to not be okay sometimes. Anyway I’m happy that you are back, they’re are some great online recovery meetings going on at the moment, I don’t know if you used them as a resource for your recovery before your relapse but it may be a good time to give them a try!? :+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you pants for your kind response, I’m really good aslong as I take my meds I have a tendency to feel amazing and think I don’t need them but that’s just my mental talking lol, I have a graph and my children and I mark a day off every night, it’s just me and 3 little girls we’re all self isolating and on lockdown here in the UK, and I have to say I’m loving every minute of being clear minded and huddled up at home with them,
I have a sponsor so she checks in every now and then I go to aa when I can but never talk about my personal problems in person I have realised I have hidden a lot from everyone which I’m trying to slowly fix, hey Rome wasn’t built in a day I will be checking in a lot now I have the app back thank you :slight_smile:

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Whereabouts in the UK are you m8? I live in greater Manchester. If you every need to talk to let something out without judgement then feel free to message me. Our secrets can keep us sick so I would encourage you to talk to somebody about them, I promise that you will feel the benefit. My work is staying open for the time being, how long for we are not entirely sure, I am thankful for something to do you. Have a good evening, it’s good that your kids are playing a role in your recovery that’s pretty awesome ! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Im in Swansea shitty wales lol I was in Manchester not that long ago my eldest sitter lives in Oldham I know Manchester is massive lol, boris has quickly changed from herd immunity to stay away from people, I hope things are ok your end! And I will drop you a message thank you! They can indeed keep us sick what a good way of putting it!
My pap said to me the other day now I’m the driver in my mind not the passengers which hit me in the feels lol. Yep honesty with the girls is a must the younger two don’t really understand fully but my eldest is 13 in June so she’s pretty glued up lol
Be safe!

No way, I went to school and currently work in Oldham. Yay sounds like a perfect analogy about driving and being the passenger your dad sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Yeah I think that keeping your oldest fully in the loop is a very wise decision as it should hopefully avoid the damage that comes from a parent hiding a drinking problem, it’s also pretty brave of you.
I know Swansea a little bit, I was working not too far away in Llanelli about six years ago, I made a few friends who lived in the valleys, I don’t visit then anymore though as it was always just a non stop party. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

What a small world! Yeah my pap is very deep when he wants to be, yeah her knowing it helps keep things straight weird I know.
Ah Llanelli my twin sister lived there about 5 years ago lol ah welsh are known to party!
Not much else to do down here lol

I know, they were pretty savage partiers. I was working in the next home stores across all of South Wales and the South of England, the two Cardiff ones were my favourite, I loved working and staying in Cardiff. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I love Cardiff too! My friend lives there and hates it always wanna be somewhere that you’re not though isn’t it I guess when you live somewhere long enough you see the flaws,
Saying that though I love Manchester :slight_smile:
I hope that work stays on for you