Back again +

I’m back… feeling pretty ordinary… l’m 50 in March, think l need to change… l was so proud when l was sober for 76 days, l need to get back to that mindset


Welcome back

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Thank you very much :blush:

Welcome back Cassie! Im glad ur here :slight_smile:

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Welcome back!! :heart:

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Welcome back! Do you have a plan in place for getting and staying sober?


Welcome back!!

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Welcome back Cassie!
Build that sober toolbox so when life happens you’ll pick up your tools instead of a drink.


Hey Cassie, so glad you’re back with us. Please remember, some folks never made it back, and you being here now, and fighting for you means you wanna live.

We don’t have to ever drink or use again. And we don’t have to do this walk alone. Maybe a meeting? Online or in person. It all helps.

Hugs to you and be strong Cassie. Doing life completely different than before is what it often takes but when we are done, we’re done.