Back in business


Back from my interval period in the rehab place…week went way too fast. So many new faces and stories. So many thoughts that crossed my mind. All in the spirit of the 12th step. Today is about getting back to the normal day to day routines, which includes reading the forum and talking to you lovely people. I noticed 340 new posts in the “checking in daily” thread for example so I am gonna skip those and instead ask for the historian to update on what I’ve missed in a week??? Just that I can’t remember who is the historian again?

Anyways…it’s good to be back…


@MoCatt and @DowntroddenGoat are both great historians. What’s an interval period? Was it helpful?


Interval is something you can do after some time sober…if instead one relapses it becomes an intervention period…anywhooos…it was for 7 days and it was great…And now I’m looking forward on two briefings…


That sounds really interesting. I wonder if that exists in the US? Well Kay finally went back home so @Englishd is lonely again. I suggest singing T. Swift’s “Shake it Off” to him at the top of your lungs and wildly off key. I’m on day 33 since the relapse. @Yomomma and @MandiH got super burnt. @Jessi.lynn valiantly stepped up to run the SMART group. And as usual, creepers gonna creep.


So glad you’re back!

When I was in the hospital the first time there was a guy who got himself admitted again for this exact reason. Well, there was a severe mental health component as well. He was thinking of using again and that made him suicidal. I learned from him that this was not unheard of, this was the second time he himself had done it. They actually have an entire floor for it.

I would think, or hope, that rehabs out here have something like this. Its hard to say in Pittsburgh, most of the rehabs got shut down years ago and everyone is scrambling to get them back up since the opioid crisis became more public.


You forgot my wicked burn too :joy:

@Rain66 I’m so glad you are home. We’ve missed you around here.

@MoCatt will have to fully catch you up. In no good at that.

I did step up and take over the SMART group though if you would like to join :slight_smile:


So it’s kind of like a sobriety check up/ retreat? I mean, I know it’s not shits and giggles, but it’s like giving your sobriety a tune up?


Welcome home. You missed some discussions on 101 uses for breast milk, and the great pie vs. Cake debate.


Glad you’re back @Rain66, and that your rehab stay was a good one!


I was thinking about you last night, not online much right now. How did it go in case I missed it?


Don’t forget the people eating


Regular Lord of the Flies thing going on.


From what I understand, yes. Once they get moved to that floor they have their own room with a tv, there are a bunch of computers they can use, they can SMOKE if a visitor comes and takes them outside… Sounds pretty nice to me! But the process to get there is crazy, and like all psych hospitals you have to convince them you are suicidal. I’ve thought about doing it in the past honestly, and I’ll always keep it in my arsenal. I never want to go back there, but I will if I have to.


We should avoid eating the people who provide breast milk, right?


That would be wise.


Welcome back @Rain66! Whoowee - here goes.

@rmgrimmer has a new baby boy!

Lots of lovely new folks who are trying hard.

The artist formerly known as StevieTee has a new handle: @Yoda-Stevie.

@Bill_Phillips continues to be an inspiration and support to so many, even during rough times.

The first 164 pages of the AA Big book will give you world peace, cure poison ivy and fix a bad hair day.

@Hope0110 is being a total badass and taking care of business!

@Yomomma is getting my vote for new member of the month😘.

“The Bachelor - Derrick Tells All” aired last night. Ratings were good, despite the lack of drama. @Englishd also started a new job and has read 8,786 pages of Medicaid policy.

The Lounge was full of boob juice and cannibalism. Taylor Swift and Nickleback are verboten.

The cake versus pie debate is on fire. People’s true colors are showing. And now BBQ?.. If you wanna know how to eat, ask @Neighbrofthebeast668. Boy knows his cookin’!

The SMART group is about to be up and running, thanks to @Jessi.lynn.

And the rest of us are still just damn hot. Forgive me for the things I know I missed!

Glad you are back!


If you ever write a book I request to buy the first copy


:sweat_smile::joy::rofl::rofl: @MoCatt Recap Queen strikes again. This was awesome. If you ever consider renaming your account, I vote for Recap Queen.


I already renamed her: Mocatticus of Thebes.


And I am a free woman now. Off supervised probation and have almost all my civil rights back. I have all the rights I cared about back so it feels like all of them.