Back in business


Lmao, nice存ome of the old timers say it helps with erectile dysfunction too any thoughts on that @Yoda-Stevie ? hehe, sry man but u broke the Geneva conventions when u brought nickelback into the fight like a ruthless middle eastern dictator with a couple tanks full of sarin gas, I gotta retaliate once just to save face. (hes prob just gonna burn my ass again tho :rofl:)


I wouldnt know, as Ive never suffered from that issue. My stuff gets harder than Chinese Algebra.


Thats exactly what mine was地lso a great way to reflect on the sober time with people who are just beginning this journey地nd share the experience I have so far


Ask a porn addict! J/k. Ive never suffered from that either. Im titanium.


I must go Pie on this one好ot a sweet kinda pie but like something with mushrooms and bacon maybe???


Yeah, I swear I havent seen you around. Where have you been?


Congrats妃ust be a huge relief刖ood things will come to you if you just stay sober one day at a time


Exactly. Pie is that versatile. Cant do that with cake.


I was at a rehab for one week存ort of reminding of what it is to live a sober life匈 went cause I got my half a year mark and I thought it might be a risk多ad a blast


In here we go to the same unit in which all the others are aswell地lso all the same rules存o no phone tv etc宇his provides the beginners with lots of experience with sobriety and allows the people who already have a bit under their belt to reflect on their sober time with the experieces the new ones are sharing


TMI my friend, TMI! lol, I guess I brought in on myself tho :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and for the record I knew better than to ask u, Grimmer inc. Is runnin an assembly line off that thing and clearly it doesnt miss a day of work lmao


Pretty cool. Ive been a bit disconnected as well. Havent run much in the last 2 weeks.


Congrats on the newborn好ever mind the running宇he baby takes priority


That is fantastic! And a huge bug deal. Congratulations!!!


Thanks! Outoflikes


Yeah, ours is for mental health as well, but mostly it seems people who were on the dual diognosis floor before. It isnt run by a rehab, its the psychiatric hospital. To get onto that nice, plush floor you have to be admitted onto the dual diognosis floor and chill with the detoxing and freshly starting out people for a few days.


Incredible work吃ou should start billing us for this service


Wait, did we decide on Mocatticus of Thebes? Or the Oracle of Mocatt?


Mocatticus of Thebes. Oracles spoke in round-about ways.


Yall are about to make me blush.:kissing_heart: