Back in business


"In the age of Talking Sober, before the rise of the Lounge and the Fall of the Horde of AA Threads, Hither came Mocatticus, the Thebean, Brown-haired, Long-limbed, keyboard in hand, a chronicler, a historian, with laconic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the forum under her sandaled, sober-selfied feet.”


Welcome back in the pack @Rain66 :hugs::star_struck: I hope you had a good time there?


I just googled “worst nickleback song ever” to add a soundtrack to this thread and I just couldn’t.


All of them. Equally.


I’m speechless. I should surrender my humble pen to you!


Had a great time, thank you. One of the things I missed most while there was this forum and all of you lovely people


It’s good to have you back. It’s pretty awesome they have a program like that over there. My insurance company would send a hitman if I went back to rehab even if it was just a maintenance stop.


I think I still get a chance to go back once more at around my one year day…the great thing about this is that since I’m unemployed I don’t pay anything for this…gotta love our healthcare and social security systems…


That’s awesome.