Back in the game 😊

My name is Mel and after a long 8 Year’s of sobriety I relapsed :unamused:. Now??? I just picked up my 30 day chip!!! Whoop Whoop!!! Hope everyone is fighting the good fight.


Love being back! Haven’t felt this great since high school lol

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Welcome back!

I quit being involved with my network and thought I had it. Shoot I didn’t have anything


Thank you so much!!! :grin:

Glad you are feeling better!

8 years. I once had 8 years sober, and then a divorce was my excuse to drink. I drank for 20 years, and did the temporary quits “to prove I don’t have a problem”. Went back to is after 7, 10, 30 days…and right back into the cycle.

8 years is strong. You can do this, because you are strong. You are self-disciplined. You may have stumbled, but you haven’t fallen. Every day, getting better at getting better!