Back on here after a couple of years

Hi everyone, not sure if anyone will remember me but I got this app when I was 28 and I’m now 31, I think I had a year or almost two years of no relapses but when I bought a new phone I stupidly didn’t bother to download the app again because I thought I was ok. Last year I bought my first house and I adopted an ex racing greyhound, but since then there have been a few relapses which I’ve obviously deeply regretted, the final straw was this past Thursday night when I went to a 40th birthday party which basically a coke and alcohol fest, it carried on until 11am on Friday morning and I had somebody looking after the dog while I was gone, but when I got back I was barely capable of looking after him myself for the next 24 hours. I’m determined now to stick to my sobriety and not fall off again but I think I need the support of this app and the lovely people on here because that’s what helped me stay sober for so long to begin with. I hope everyone else is doing well also :+1:


Welcome back, Mark!:raising_hand_woman:


Hey Mark! Welcome back to the forum :slight_smile:
The above jumped out at me because I think so many of us have been there and thought the same but then suddenly BAM we are back in the thick of it!
And you know what? You probably were doing ok, the problem is our addiction. Doesn’t matter how long for or how strong we feel in our sobriety - that addiction is cunning, powerful and patient… it kinda waits and lurks around unsuspecting in the background waiting for it’s chance to take back control… I guess it’s complacency, a false sense of security that we get, that everything will be fine now… amd it will be as long as we stick to what is working :slight_smile: been there many times myself, so glad you’ve found your way back here :slight_smile:


Welcome back ark, whereabouts in the UK are you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m so glad that coke doesn’t tempt me like it used to as there seems to be more people taking it on the sites I work on than people who don’t! :slight_smile:

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I’m from Liverpool, but yeah I’ve noticed so many people seem to use it as if it’s normal, my brother uses it all the time, so I’m assuming he’s in a horrific amount of debt. I used to be and managed to clear it all but it would be so easy to end up back in the same situation. I also know some people who use it regularly and seemingly don’t experience the intense negative mental effects the day(s) after like I do. As well as all the bad effects it has on the end user though, the way it’s produced obviously causes misery and death to so many people on the other side of the world which is often forgotten