Back on the wagon for the New Year. Day two

I kept having these dreams during the last couple of weeks of December that I should quit for the new year. I was impaired nearly every evening and while I certainly have gotten more control, it’s still a bit slippery on what I consider a healthy amount of drinking. I was finding that “not during the week” or “only on occasions” was only helping so much.

I’m just going to take this one day at a time, and I’m starting with today. If the year feels like a lot, then I’m telling myself that I can conquer the month, cause I’ve quit for a month before. But I’m not going to wiggle, I really have been prepping and filling my days with activities to keep myself sharp and busy.

Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:lots of love. Happy New Year to all that read this also.


Good luck #BeccaLinny I’m in the same boat, but determined to end the year as I began, sober! Bit by bit, my drinking has crept up, have given up in short bursts before but this will be the year to truly conquer it . Wishing you all the best, keep in touch with how you are doing and I will do likewise. That goes for everyone out there looking for a healthier, happier life alcohol free :+1:

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