Back on the water saddle

I flubbered up the past few days.
It was only a four day mishap of a couple of drinks each day, but I gotta start from the beginning because I don’t feel any proud any more when I look at my days sober upon this app. Obviously I don’t feel that sense of sobriety accomplishment, as you can probably imagine.
Gonna figure out how to reset my days. I was really enjoying seeing the days sober on this app.
I want the sense of proud back so I’m gunna reset the dang clock on this doohickey.
I can chalk it up to some depression and anxiety from suddenly stopping a sleeping pilliam I was taking (if Bill is short for William, is pill short for pilliam?) … but I coulda found some healthy way to deal with that.
I shall prevail!
I’ll start again.
I shall not look at this as a fail.
My energy was weak
It leaked out like water from a hole in a pail.
I will triumph!
My heart will soar and my soul shall sail.
This was but a slip.
Sobriety is something I won’t skip.
Thanks for understanding that I must start again this sober living trip.
The last few days were but an unfortunate blip.
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jump over a candlestick
(The last three lines of that poem I threw in just because I think it sounds kind of catchy. I just came up with those lines just now out of the blue. But they are kind of relevant because they do point to the fact that I gotta get some exercise instead of moping about like I have been.)