Back to 6 days again

And I don’t want no more love, I feel it’s poison
Late at night I can’t sleep ‘cause I hear voices
Tellin’ me I’m too deep, quit tryna force it uh, yeah-yeah-yeah
Got too much stuck on my chest, can’t get it off of me
I put my demons to rest but they been stalking me
Lord knows I tried my best, I gave it all of me Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah… Rob Wave - Poison

I feel this so much right now with everything going on this past week. Ive had a very tough and emotional week this week. Not from being sick or anything. Ive been fine. But from being lied straight to my face and some what used. Being let down to the fullest. Being told no matter what, ill be here if you ever need to talk or anything. Always. Then this whole week ive needed to and no response. I just dont see how someone can intentionally hurt someome that is already broken. Cold hearted people are theses days


People can suck


I’m grateful because I can feel, that means I’m alive and sober.
I’m grateful because I can feel the difference from right and wrong.
Others people actions are not my responsibility.
I trust in my higher power.
If it hurts it’s because I’m growing.
I’m grateful for all the friends that love me and care about me, those are the important ones.
Using/drinking won’t fix anything it only makes it worse.
God bless us all


Yes they can!!!

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You’re here, you’re clean and sober for six days and that’s all that matters now Calum. You’re doing this for you and you alone. Because you realized you are worth it. And you know the only thing you can control is you. Keep going. Sorry for being lied to. Thanks for sharing.