Back to work tomorrow

So after 2 weeks vacation & 2 extra days recovering from an awful hangover I have to go into work tomorrow & I am afraid. I feel like everyone knows & will have eyes on me. I also feel like 2 days hungover were not enough to heal… did my body heal properly… Will I have the shakes at work tomorrow…so many ppl will wanted to say hi to me will my mind still be foggy. I am so afraid.

It sounds like the post alcohol anxiety is kicking in and you are over thinking things…What reason did you give for calling in sick? Why would your colleagues find out you were drinking? Trust me most people are so busy with life, getting kids to school, paying bills, generally juggling stuff that they probably just want to hear about your holiday! Keep hydrated, eat little and often to stabilise your blood sugars and take a timed release B vitamin supplement. Try to keep things in perspective you didn’t mug an old lady… Keep strong and let us know how it goes :blush:


Maybe ameeting might help plenty of people there who understand what your going through wish you well

Hi how are you? How did you get on at work? Hope you are ok​:grin::crossed_fingers: