Bad day - what do you do?

I’m having a particularly bad day. Anxiety with a relationship that’s not farting rainbows and a job that’s overwhelming and high stress. What do you do when you have these days?

I’m trying to not fantasize about drinking, I’m listening to Annie grace podcast. I reached out to my sponsor, can’t make a meeting until tomorrow. Would love to here what your strategies are when faced with multiple triggers and wanting to escape?


I interrupt my perceive threat response. I do it multiple times a day sometime by minutes.

Running, meditate, ASMR video’s on YouTube, cleaning the house with some good music on ,Netflix, going to a Spa, reading.

One day at the time,this too shall pass…:blossom::muscle:


I’m sure this isn’t a surprise but I put my ass in a bag and go to a meeting


Just ate my kids fruit snacks… LOL. Running is my next step. Fuck just writing that out and asking for help helped. It really is simple but not easy. Say a prayer, reach out to other alcoholics, go to meetings regularly. Thanks guys.


I go work out my body (bicycling, fitness class, walking or weights). Or I may do some yin yoga to soften my body and mind (easy and available for free on YouTube). Breathing techniques are also helpful to reduce the cortisol. Gardening …heavy duty pruning and trimming is also meditative and good for you physically.

If you are at work, can you take a 10\15 minute break and take a walk, focus on breathing…I am breathing in for 4 counts, I am breathing out for 4 counts.

Yelling is also great stress release. Warm Epsom salt bath with a book. Calling a friend to vent. Journaling.
Making comfort food or baking.

Find what soothes you…do that. :heart:


Sit outside in the warm sun and write a 25 list of things you are grateful for.:blush:


I walk and really try to look at the beauty around me, flowers, birds, etc. I eat whatever I want, and aim for some fullness, it makes relapse less likely. And I phone someone from my home group. Often I’ll phone someone first with years of time, for advice, then I’ll phone someone newer to lend an ear and support. Both remind me why we’re doing this! Peace.


:pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: thank you all. I’m a grateful alcoholic who went trail running, talked to my sponsor, snuggled with my son before bed and I’m going to sleep sober. :heart:


I think you forgot to eat cake.
There’s still time!


Pray to your higher power!!. Font allow yourself to upsess about your DOC.


At that kind of days I watch Netflix and eat a lot of crap. I ate half a pie the last shitty day :hugs:
And I go to bad early.


I wrote myself a list of 100 things I want to achieve/have in my life. It’s from I want to buy that cool toothbrush i saw the other day to I want to become a high profile scientist in my field. ( its also evolving) According to my goals and wishes I’ve put to together who am I currently: health enthisuastic, good partner to my spouse and a wannabe scientist. Thinking about this and my list and the knowledge of who am I now and who I want to become helps me calm down when “shit hits the fan” and also I know for a fact that thinking about drinking is or drinking or the effects of drinking direktly harm these goals. For me knowing who I am to my core helps me tremendously.

Head under the covers and brace for it
When I can’t I ride the wave.
Emotional flashbacks are the worse - CPTSD along with addiction urges.
The sun will shine again.

Try to embrace the pain. You will feel powerful.

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Do something physical. Walk the dog, go to the gym something like that. Find it helps disrupt my negative mindset even if just for a little while

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Walk/run and then I go for a nap and snuggle up with the cat. And defo eat cake! Lol x :+1::pray:t2::two_hearts:


Cake can’t go wrong!

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I read this forum while listening to records. It gets easier - seriously.

“Put your ass in a bag”?? What is this saying that I have never heard?

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