Bad dreams after getting sober?


Been sober 16 days now and the past couple of days I’ve had some horrible dreams.

Fuzzy dreams but the jist is that I’m been horrible to my eldest son.

Now I’m old fashioned in ways and can be stern and sometimes raise my voice and lose my temper when I’m telling him off which I regret because that’s how my mum was with me. It’s something I need to work on.

But no way am I a bad dad and strive every day to be the best dad I can be, partly because mine wasn’t around and also because it’s natural to want to be that.

But ye just wondering if anyone else has experienced bad dreams after getting sober?

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I didn’t had them myself but I’ve read others here who has them. In the beginning of living sober your body has hard work to do. It has to live without his doc, get rid of the toxics and find a new balance. That can lead to a lot of side effects and dreaming can be one of them.
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Congratulations with your 16 days! :tada:

You’re going through exactly what I went through after getting sober off alcohol and cocaine at the same time.

Absolutley horrible dreams, waking up sweating, blankets soaked in sweat. Unable to sleep, etc.

You’re not the only one, I had mine for a couple weeks up to I would say even a month after I got sober on January 4th, 2019. Keep youre head up, these dreams are a test to your willingness to want to stay sober. Do not hit the restart button, youll hit another button to reset the horrid dreams to just come back.

I still have dreams to this day, and probably will for the rest of my life of me relapsing, this is the scariest dream I can say i have. These types of dreams will wake me up in the middle of the night. I dont get them often, but I definatley still have them. Definatley expect “Relapse” dreams for the rest of your life. Its something, as individuals we need to learn how to deal with in order to progress further.

You got this.


I’m not sick, just a strange coincidence so wondered if the dreams are linked.

I had horrible nightmares when I was detoxing. My anxiety was through the roof. I’m in IOP and the counselor suggested imaging what you want to dream about before going to sleep. I’ve found it helps me.

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If I’m honest I’m not sure I’m having withdrawls because I’m a binge drinker and could go a couple of weeks without booze.

But I do agree it’s a coincidence. The thing is as well when you decide to stop drinking it comes with a lot of reflection on stuff so maybe it’s partly that

Same here @Quinny251, I was a 4 day a week 4-15 drinks binger. No withdrawal but I have had some dreams reconciling the fact that I don’t drink anymore. As a matter of fact I woke up 40 min ago from a dream where I showed up at a long time friend’s house (with whom drugs and alcohol was daily growing up) in Oklahoma, live in Florida now, and in the dream he offered me a beer, and I declined. No biggie, but dreams are a way of rewire your brain to understand and adapt to life.

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As a former firefighter emt with P TSD, I have had some seriously horrid dreams since getting sober 2 weeks ago and I think it is because all of the experiences I’ve had, that I drank to quiet the demons and now that I’m not drinking, the demons are active…hoping they settle down soon.

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First 2 weeks I had some pretty wacky fuckin dreams myself. I, like you, was also a binge drinker. You’re right on the reflection part as well. I think that had something to do with the dreams as well. Just keep doing what you’re doing bro and keep on reflecting as well.

Ye makes sense mate, you are naturally going to be processing so much stuff in both the conscious and unconscious mind so its to be expected

No dreams for a couple of days. Maybe the acknowledgement that it happens on this chat has helped. The mind is such a complex creation.

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Just a thought but do you ever take any over the counter sleep aids. I was just wondering because when I take them I tend to have cccrazy and very vivid dreams. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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I have taken a variety of sleep aids over the years…ambien is the worst…

I ended up in the ER from Ambien. Woke up an hour after falling asleep with full blown hallucinations and extreme paranoia. The EMT told me he had picked up other people with similar experiences. Hell to the no!

I didn’t but my ex husband did. He did all kinds of crazy stuff

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@Quinny251, man, I had crazy dreams for a while. Still get them sometimes, but not as often. It definitely has something to do with the brain rebalancing, as well as dealing with a lot of shit that we avoided for years. I know I had some paranoia when awake for a while and that made the dreams worse. I wasn’t a binge drinker, but everyday I put all my problems aside until I could drink. I imagine binge drinking is the same, just the frequency of actual drinking is less. So, yeah, probably all that stuff rearing it’s ugly head. Plus all the regrets we face when getting sober, all the fear of who we became and if it’s really us.

We don’t have Ambien here in the UK, the closest we have is zopiclone/immovane which is in the same hypnotic class but doesn’t really have a therapeutic value it just stood your head from thinking life crazy when your trying to sleep.
I’ve heard some horror stories from Ambien, takes off a somewhat your 10mg before bed then waking up miles from home in the drivers seat of her car. It never did that to me but then again I had a super high benzo tolerance.
None of these tablets are good for us addicts, if I was to take any type of benzo now I know that I would be hammering a load of crack and heroin beforei know it.
Sorry @Meggers I didn’t mean to reply to you. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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Ambien isn’t classified as a benzo, but has some similar properties. It also has some differences. I’ve seen some studies that group it with benzos, but don’t qualify it as one.

Semantics. The shit is bad news.

It’s sounds crazy considering how much booze I would put in my body and I’ve tried nearly every illegal drug at least once but I don’t like taking to many tablets for illness :joy:

Do you take melatonin or anything like that for sleep? Even melatonin can cause crazy dreams. I had to stop taking it.

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