Bank holiday amusementšŸ˜‚

I dont normally gossip about others but my neighbours at the back are a pain.are middle aged with kids but every single bank holiday and throughout summer are in the garden with there other middle aged friends from 5pm getting starts off ok and by 2am kids are still kicking a football against the fence and screaming,with the adults one away from an arguement.i watched line of duty and went upstairs to shut the curtains. I looked out the window and they were on top note so i sat on the edge of the bath listeningā€¦if the mum repeated herself once she did it twenty times the dad just kept saying he was in the building trade a row started about someone putting another cd in and forgetting they had and some woman repeating no but listen over and over ,i thought omg i talked rubbish like that i went to the bathroom at midnight and were singing and dancing to agadoooā€¦i admit i stood back and watched that in the dark absolutely hilarous was thinking your gonna feel like death tomorrowšŸ˜Š