Be here now my mantra worked

I have a serious anxiety problem. I’m sure I’m not alone. Found out last night that a stressful day was in store for me today.

Thru working the 12 steps, I was able to concentrate on the present moment and didn’t let my fear get the best of me last night. I attended a meeting on In The Rooms last night and decided to let today take care of itself.

Well it worked. Being in the present moment last night and today worked. I survived the day, stayed in the here and now and it’s over. It feels so good to be in control and not let fear rule me again. It wasn’t easy but I did it…and the good news is you can too!


One of my favourite songs is called be here now by Ian Brown. Well done on getting through a difficult day

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right on. i heard living in the past can bring depression and living in the future can bring anxiety and i find that can be true w me. i know i feel best when im in the here and now.

i also like the saying “when ive got one foot in the past and one foot in the future im shitting on today” so true


Best thing I’ve read all day friend, and that includes 2 people’s 500 day posts.

Here and now is where we gotta be.


Thanks for the replies!

That’s great to hear - very inspiring so thank you for that

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It also reminded me of In The Rooms which I’ve not used for a while so I’m going to do a meeting on there tonight

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I’m curious how you find intherooms? Do you go to face to face meetings as well? I’ve always pondered using intherooms, so legit curious.

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On the internet or download the App


Gonna try to find that app… :100: Thanks for sharing!!! Great work!!! :blush:

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No, like how do you like it? Do you find it more helpful than other meetings?


I found them my searching for online support groups. I was initially interested in thr message boards but the groups I follow aren’t that active. It’s great because there’s no pressure to participate. It’s totally up to you to participate or just observe. I sought them out specifically because there are no 12 step groups in my area fot my issue - compulsive debting and shopping/hoarding.

They have all female groups which serve all 12 step fellowships so that is what I mostly go to.


It’s just like a normal meeting where you listen and can share if you like through your computers camera and mic etc or on headphones. Not as worthwhile as normal meetings as you don’t have the physical contact but a good top up or good for when you haven’t got time to go to a physical meeting.

Try it tonight - I’m doing the 9pm GMT one :+1: