Beating Racing Thoughts

I am feeling pretty proud and accomplished. While I was on my date the other night, that went great, I had a two moments of racing thoughts but no specific cravings. The first one I triggered my self by becoming upset with myself and the second one hit me out of nowhere simply while cuddling with my partner. I was able to take a moment and put everything on hold and center myself. The first time by stepping outside finding a nice seat and playing some relaxing relaxing music. The second time I stayed in her arms, closed my eyes and took a couple long deep breaths. Both of these methods worked well for me. She has been very accepting and understanding of my recovery.


Great to hear from you AsleyMarie and things in life are going well for you.
Hard work pays out lady!! :facepunch:

Hey. Thanks so much. I am doing great. For the first time in my recovery I am in a great place. I now have over a year clean, and my life Seems to be getting back on track