Beginings, a fresh start

First day back home and I have to dump a bottle of wine that is iny fridge. I Know it’s in there but I don’t want to look. Ugh!


You can do it. That’s a good way to take control of the situation and will be a big step in the right way.

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Hold your breath when it gets dumped out, the smell of alcohol makes me sick after getting away from it.

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Family celebration today. Nobody knows I’m an alcoholic, im newlywed and we’re going to his family to celebrate the fourth

He knows just not his family.

Flush that wine down the drain! Time to get rid of the poison :+1: I wish you all the best and congratulations to you and your new hubby on your marriage :pray:t2::two_hearts: better times ahead :two_hearts:

Can use something along the lines of dietary change and empty calories blah blah blah as an excuse

Follow these people on here:
They will show you the way. Read all of their postings.
A zoom meeting would be of great help for you also, in your situation. Laura’s having women’s only meetings every Wednesday this month.

@littlemisschatterbox That thing yesterday? Pass it back when necessary.

Can your husband dump it for you? I know for myself I had to get my husband to box up all of our wine glasses as well. Removing all the symbolism was a powerful tool for me. One day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time.

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Just do it don’t even think about it take bk control

Good call!