Beginners Advice Please

I’m 3 days sober from booze and feel tired and have headaches. Does anyone have any advice to remedy the negative effects of the first week or so? I’m committed but would like to make it less painful if possible. Thank you for the help. Together we can do this!

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Ibuprofen and stay hydrated. Detoxing is going to suck, and that’s a good thing. If it didn’t suck we wouldn’t have as much incentive to stay clean. Are you coming off booze?

Hi there. Congrats on the 3 days!! Lots of people have told me that they slept a lot in the beginning and that it’s ok. Our bodies are readjusting and need the rest.


Good call. If you could actually hibernate for 30 days that would be perfect. I literally tried to once I got out of rehab. I slept like 16 hours a day for a couple weeks.

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Thank you! Yes sorry I just updated that. Booze

Then try to get some exercise too. It will help with the sleep. A good multivitamin never hurts either. Excedrin is good for headaches during the day bc it has caffeine.

Awesome that will also help keep my days structured. That seems to help me a lot, structured repetitive days

Yep, hibernation was/still is something I look forward to doing. Bed time is my favorite time of day lol.


Three words.
Embrace the suck
It gets better


Not sure how much you were drinking but you are probably going through an adjustment of having less sugar in your blood along with the rest of it.

It will even out if you give it a couple days. Lots of water, b vitamins and sleep. Stay away from carbs and sugars as it will prolong the detox and regulation of your blood sugar levels.

Try and tough it out and remember that your body had such a hard time getting back to normal next time you want to drink.

If you feel it’s beyond your control talk to your doctor.

Congrats on your 2 days!


Congrats! If sleeping is not possibly set up a plan for each day and stick to it rigorously even if it hurts and it feels silly. If you got medical conditions like throwing up, heavy trembling or very fast heartbeat and desorientation please see a doctor, if possible a doctor who is specialized in addiction, this can be very dangerous and even life threatening!


I got the sweats really bad during withdrawal so used a fan in my bedroom to cool me down… withdrawal is not pleasant at all and your body is going through a tough time to get better…but this time can break you so be careful… you know that more alcohol will take uncomfort away but that will only be temporary…stick with it and after a few days you will start feeling much better… remember how much withdrawal sucks so you never want to go through it again… good luck

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Well done and keep going!

It’s cliche, and I’m sure everyone has mentioned all this, but it’s good to try and do the following as I found, for me, this worked…

Drink a glass of water the second you get up.
Keep hydrated
Sugar - your body is craving the sugar from the lack of alcohol
Gratitude - Sounds stupid, but it focuses the mind on something other than the withdrawal.
Affirmation - Same as gratitude, but this is a really important part of recovery.

You will be surprised how much the above helps, even the mental exercise of the last two doesn’t seem to be possible to change your physical pain…trust me…it does.

There’s loads more ways to combat and calm the physical but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

If you can do the above in the first 30-60 minutes of your day, you will be surprised how quickly things come back to being under control

Have a wonderful day

Namaste :pray:


The mental issue was my biggest stumbling block. i knew i should stop, i knew i wanted to stop , i knew i had to stop but it still took me 25 years to stop.
It was this app actually that made me stop, there were one or 2 contributors at that time that opened my eyes to the obvious, that i already knew, but this time i realised no excuses, no triggers, no doctors, no part time, no AA just stop. its not easy, sugar craving, sweating, FOMO (major), no sleep etc 587 days it do able and becoming a fading memory