Being a musician/entertainer is hard

I have been in musician for about 35 years and I’m pretty much been drinking alcohol the entire time.
Now I also do karaoke and music bingo on bars 7 nights a week.
I recently 13 days ago to be exact decided to stop drinking .
My son also struggling with alcohol quit 2 weeks before me.
He inspired me to quit…
It’s been kind of rough…no withdrawal but the temptation has been really bad …being in a bar every night but one day a week.
It’s been easier than I anticipated but still hard…
Now I don’t have the temptation I was having…and I really don’t ever want to drink again.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Just keep focused.
You can do it.


Welcome to the community! If you are active here, it will help you woth your journey.

In an AA group, we had a semi-famous band member. After the initial few months, he found that not only was he a better musician sober…he found a new love for his art.

The point of that is this: the first little bit is hard for all of us. Just keep saying “no” to alcohol and it will get better


Welcome and congratulations on your 13 days!! I know that takes a lot. This community can be a helpful resource…lots of experiences and wisdom to read from others who are on the same path / coming from a similar past.

It is definitely challenging being around others who drink. Hopefully the reality of what drinking really is and looks like helps you stay focused on sobriety. Proud of your son as well and hope you can move thru this together. For further support maybe check out a meeting? I also found this book by Allen Carr remarkably helpful…

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Hope to see you around!