Being sober, my long story


I am currently a year and a half sober. I just thought I would share my story. As it’s one pretty much untold.

I started drinking just before I was diagnosed with depression. During this time I was still drinking, and not taking my meds. I decided it was a good idea whilst feeling down to try and take a bunch of tablets whilst drinking. Not a good idea.

When I woke up, in a bad way, my overdose had failed and I felt even worse than I did before. At this point I was getting into arguments and fights and really acting like an idiot.

One day when I was out I had my wallet stolen and my phone. I then said maybe going out isn’t helping me with what ever problems I had.

I then went to the doctors got some tablets to help my depression, I spoke long and hard with alot of my family about what I was going to do. And I put it in motion, I was to keep myself Busy? I had hobbies, regular gym sessions, a better diet and my partner who out up with all of this said she was proud of me. That kicked me into gear, now I go to the pub often, and only order cokes, I don’t drink at home, all of my colleagues know I don’t drink, (said it was a lifestyle choice not an addiction) and I have managed to keep everything together.

Now I have lost 4 stone, and I’m happier. Drink isn’t always the answer but for me, for a long time it was.

Just thought I would share with people who are going through the same thing. (NOW just to knock the cigs on the head)