Best part of being Dad



The only thing you need to know is that being homeless sucks


I’ll skip that part. I’d rather not have to learn the hard way.


You need to put that wisdom in the main forum


I’ll keep this wisdom here in the Lounge, I think. I’ll share other wisdom out in the open forum.


It is sad to see elderly homeless. I seen a woman in her 80s or 90s in a wheelchair with a sign said god bless please help… I sat there at the light looking at her trying to wonder how she got there. I couldnt figure it out. I was sad and wanted to help so bad as the light changed. I atleast had a car to sleep in when on the run i had to go homeless for a short bit. but its sad and a hard life🙁


There’s no issue, just some of the users who were active here lost access to it and were wondering why. I totally get why you’d want it in the lounge though.


Hey all. I’m feeling a bit more secure in how the forum has been running lately. I’ve decided to “unarchive/de-lounge” my Dad thread. As Rafiki would say, “It is time!”

Anyway, I just returned from a long business trip to Texas, got stranded in a snow storm in Seattle with cancelled flights and struggling to find a way home. It was miserable, and all I could think of was how I wanted to be in my own home with Rachel and my boys.

Family is so important. Without love, what are we?


Thanks for reopening this! This was one of my favorites out there! Hope you aren’t tire of the snow! Lol


No problem! I’m incredibly tired of the snow! We have gotten almost 2 feet so far. Supposed to keep going through the week.

And that was last week at the beginning. We had another foot dump afterwards. The drifts where it was plowed are getting chest high almost.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge last week before my trip. It was a blast!

There was a big dance party and balloon drop super late at night. In spite of how incredibly loud it was, Jack still crashed.

Wave pool fun

Family Picture

Sad attempt at an underwater picture

While I was gone on my trip, Truman and Elliott celebrated 100 day at school.

They also made a cake and no baked while I was gone. And ate them, without me… :expressionless:


Lol! Yeah, you’re so late, you might want to get a pregnancy test.


Haha loved the pictures of your kid passed out! I think we’re over 2 feet so far this year. Just got 5 inches. Another 2-4 maybe more by morning.


We’re expecting at least another foot this week.


Seattle right?


Yakima actually. Was in Seattle yesterday though. They’re getting dumped on too.


Man, I love this thread! Helps with my maternal baby crazies!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen pics of the boys. Jack was still a newborn when last I saw pictures. He’s growing so fast! Haha, and his hair is getting a tiny bit lighter.

Glad to see you feeling more comfortable sharing these things with us brother! Keep them coming!


Lol. Thanks, Megan! Life has been crazy lately, but at least the forum is stabilizing.


Makes a man weak, being a dad is like the best job ever!


Being a Dad makes you more of a man!


Valentine’s Day is anti-climactic when you have 5 boys to take care of. We just got a papa murphies heart pizza. Got off work like 30 minutes before the kids bed time. Rachel is sick. Lame day.


Do you guys have Rocky Rococo’s? They have a good heart shaped pizza