Best part of being Dad



That dude is friggin legit! That being said, I’m not sure I want to trap a live mouse. Rachel might not be cool with that. I suppose we could then release it outside. But, then that’s just one more mouse that could potentially get into our garage. I think my boys actually want it dead. Little sickos.

Did you do this?


I did try some of them, not that particular one though. Not all the traps leave them alive. He had this Mousetrap Monday thing going for a long time.


Well, I’m really banking on this mouse getting dead for the boys. Otherwise it’s old fashioned poisoning.


Flashback: I remember sitting in the tub when I was little, talking to my dad while he sat on the throne.

Flashforward: currently sitting on the throne myself, while Bennett plays in the tub.


Coming soon: photos of camping with my boys. Not sure who’s going to come yet. My oldest is going through a really spoiled-rotten ungrateful phase right now. Plus, Rachel isn’t sure she wants Bennett going. He be fine I’m sure.

Right now, it’s me and the twins. Hopefully Collin stops being a punk before it’s time to leave.


Super irritated. Had a great campout with the boys, but brought no charger and had an almost dead phone when I got there. So, a few crappy pictures of them in their sleeping bags, but that’s it.

… apparently photos dont get saved automatically in Ultra Power Saving Mode. :unamused:


Back home. 80 degrees. Turns out the photos did show up after all!


While the older boys were out with me camping, we stopped by a lake. We found 5 frogs and lots of Minnows. Then we started throwing large rocks at a stump that was sticking out of the water several feet off shore. The boys wanted to knock it over. So, we started stacking g rocks in the lake and made a rock bridge out to the stump and pushed it over. The boys had a blast. I would have taken a ton of pictures, since they were having so much fun, but me being an idiot, did not bring a charger for my phone and it died.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Bennett had a date at Taco Bell. I love how he eats his taco.


Mother’s Day 2018. Made grilled short ribs, which were amazing. Also made the traditional Trifle.


Thank you! I think so too! They are definitely fun.


You know, bathroom time with dads is fun. My dad was gone a lot. Navy deployments. It was always hard adjusting when he came home. I was rarely allowed in my parent’s little bathroom. But I remember getting caught semi spying/hovering around the door and my dad starting to shave. He looked at me behind him in the mirror and told me to go to the kitchen and come back with a butter knife. When I came back he had my mom’s hand mirror and sat me down on the throne with the lid shut and slathered my face up with shaving cream and gave me the mirror. He told me to copy his movements with the dull side of the knife very carefully. We smiled creamy smiles while he taught me to shave like a man. It was kind of dumb, but it was one of the very best memories I have of my dad from when I was very small.


Those are the kind of memories that stick with kids. It’s not big flashy presents or anything like that. It’s dad helping to build a bridge of rocks, so you can push a stump over in the lake.

I remember the beginnings of my addiction, someone had found out about my masturbation problem. Probably like 8 or 9 years old. My dad sat down with me. I was terrified and scared. He just talked calm with me and showed me that he cared. It spoke more to me than if he’d yelled and raged.


A makeshift canopy as it starts to rain.


Truman and Elliott’s preschool went to a field trip at some rose garden place. One of the caretaker guys had a bullfrog that he let the kids touch. Truman, crazy kid, after touching the frog, slowly started raising his hand to his open mouth. Rachel, teacher, other parents, “No!” Pretty sure he was just screwing with them.


Fun of the weekend. Did a fun run with Collin at his school. Then went on a donut date with Truman because he filled up his Chore Sticker Chart.


That is some kind of cute!


Thanks, I just got a haircut! :rofl:


Another date tonight, with Elliott. Finished out his Chore Chart! Good boy! Just waiting on Collin… still three stickers away.

That cake was garbage… but, that’s what he wanted!


Date night with Collin for filling up his Chore Sticker Chart. Frosties on the swings!


Collin just did a 20 question with us that ended up being like 100 questions. We gave up. He seemed so excited about the answer. It turned out to be that his teeth make a Bat shape when he smiles.

How are we supposed to guess that?! These kids drive me crazy.