Best part of being Dad


Date night with Collin for filling up his Chore Sticker Chart. Frosties on the swings!


Collin just did a 20 question with us that ended up being like 100 questions. We gave up. He seemed so excited about the answer. It turned out to be that his teeth make a Bat shape when he smiles.

How are we supposed to guess that?! These kids drive me crazy.


Fun weekend camping with friends! Good food, piñata, horseback riding, slip and slide, canoeing.


Memorial Day fun! Went to Gma/Gpa’s house for a bbq, because my Marine brother flew in from San Diego. Also, found a stream at on of the local parks and went wading through it with the boys.

Collin fell off this log into the water. Everyone laughed. Fortunately so did he.


Great idea for a thread!


Thanks! It’s more of a journal than a discussion, but I’m always open to commentary and questions.


I’m thinking I may need to make my own tread for a journal type thing.


I’d follow that. Derek had his Real Derek of Syracuse blog/forum, and that’s always fun to follow.


Hmm just need to think of what to call it :joy:


Well let’s see. Give me a list of 10 things that you like and I’ll give you a list of some great blog titles.


Well I’m nerdy, books video games comics, super hero’s, harry potter, star wars,
I like reading books while leaning on treea in the park
I’m a beach bum when I get the chance.
They call me Elsa the Ice Queen because well I love snow and have known to go dance in it. And when I get upset it tends to snow in the winter :joy:


And yes I’m a beach bum who LOVES snow and is called Elsa :joy:
Oh the irony in that.


Well, let’s see. Let’s start with a simple title. Something like:
Jessi’s Modern Life
Jessi’s Recovery Blog
or something like that.

Then the good part, the subtitle. Something like:
Sand, Snow, and a Touch of Magic
Books, Bums, Hand Grenades
Under a Tree, Front of a Screen, Out on the Beach
Plus my Friends, Hagrid, Han and Hulk
Something like that…

Then mash them together, example: Jessi’s Modern Life: Books, Bums, Hand Grenades


Sorry it took me so long to reply. Putting kids to bed and dealing with them screaming and not going to sleep for the next hour is time consuming.


Awesome thread man! My sons name is Elliott too and hearing him spell it out loud at 4 is amazing. Being a father is why and what makes the fight worth fighting.


Nice, but now what would I really write about? :joy:
I’m not that interesting of a person. Lol


Love it! He must be really awesome to have such an awesome name!


Anything. Pictures you and your husband took during a date, write about the snarky remark the lady in front of you made at the grocery store, tell us about your recovery, tell us about what you’re currently interested in. It’s your blog, blog it, dreamer!


Good point. Now that my year of no drinking is done I am starting my diet which means I will be attempting to quit smoking.
Blog could sound a little angry :joy::joy:


I’d read that still. Angry, sarcastic writers make the best blogs! It can be about your quitting smoking, health goals, stuff like that.